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Feb 18, 2013
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The meteor-crash in Russia was a scene straight out of a modern sci-fi mockumentary, with the event being captured in bits and pieces by a bevy of random witnesses in Russia's Chelyabinsk region. When the videos made it to Youtube, they were an instant hit, with viewers drawn to the chilling reality that yes, a space rock just might be coming to a city near you. The said meteorite caused injuries to an estimated 1,200 individuals, and thousands of dollars worth of properties, and the area it hit wasn't even what we'd call a metropolis.

While this real-life Deep Impact-lite caused an online shockwave that, for a week at least, overshadowed any random cat or semi-talented cutie in number of video views, we did catch some other entertaining vids over the past month. Check them out below: 

5-year-old boxing prodigy makes us want to hang up the gloves

Months after trying to master the speed bag, we've finally earned enough experience to get three hits in a row. We felt like a real boxer! And then we saw this video, which prompted us to come up with the extremely witty line, "Million Dollar Baby ain't got nothin' on this!" Then we threw our boxing gloves on the floor, raised our hands in frustration, and went back to doing crochet on our rickety, rocking chair.

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Stupid baby makes us want to cut up our basketball shoes

Done sewing a snazzy scarf, we turned back to a sport we knew we could always play: basketball. And then we saw the video above of a cute toddler making shots that are essentially the equivalent of us dunking from the free throw line. To paraphrase a Mark Jackson signature, "Mama, there goes that baby!"

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The White Mamba, Brian Scalabrine, goes 1-on-1 to prove to haters that he can play 

To make us feel better about ourselves, we dug up videos of Brian Scalabrine in all his whiteness and red haired-ness. Here's a man that frequently pops up whenever barroom conversations of "Who do you think can you beat one-on-one in the NBA?" come up. Apparently, he's aware of the diss. So he rounded up a few local street ballers in Boston, and proceeded to dominate them one by one. 

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An invention that deserves the Nobel Peace Prize


In China, there is a product called "The Boob Clamp." If the name sounds awesome, it's because it is. This is the product that has the potential to change the general perception that products from China suck. Just listen to the overwhelming enthusiasm of the women in this video! It's the kind of enthusiasm that uplifts the hope of nations everywhere. Which is why we're thoroughly perplexed as to why "The Boob Clamp" isn't available worldwide yet.

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