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Feb 26, 2013
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YouTube Surfing Janice and Sonia

The recently concluded Academy Awards had us spending entire afternoons watching this year's crop of expertly-crafted pieces of cinematic genius. For a moment, we swore never to waste any more time watching trashy, 240p quality videos on YouTube. And then we came across...

...this Japanese game show that involves scantily-clad crotches and faces!

We thought we've seen it all, but here the Japanese have once again out-weirded themselves. Well done. In this video, watch them transform what could have been just another guessing game into an affair that will literally have you laughing out of your ass.

Filed under: The Japs do the darndest things

Anne Hathaway Has Got Nothing On Gollum!

Gollum has one of the most recognizable voices in movie history. The Les Miserables song "I Dreamed A Dream," is one of theater's most iconic. Put them together, and you get a performance that Anne Hathaway's best friend, Ricky Lo, would surely applaud!

Filed under: Cooky collabs

Michael Jordan, Thug For Life

In this explosive, exquisitely re-dubbed interview, Michael Jordan transforms into Gangsta Michael Jordan warning every one of us to "buy [his] shoes or shut the fuck up." "F" and "N" words galore, so if you can't take none of this sh*t, plug up them baby mothaf*ckin' ears now.

Filed under: The Notorious G.O.A.T.

Meet Manute Bol's son, Bol Bol

Of all the first names that a man with the last name "Bol" could choose, Manute—may he rest in peace—goes with the absolute worst choice one can make. Imagine an entire arena screaming "Bol Bol! Bol Bol! Bol Bol!" Somebody bring him to the PBA!

Filed under: Unfortunate names

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