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Jan 16, 2013
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If it took us a long time to collect another batch of Youtube videos worth wasting time on, it's because for a good few months, all we could find are all sorts of renditions of Gangnam Style. Partly, we'd gotten scared of playing a role in another Gangnam Style-style revolution. Well, it's January now, and it seems that the PSY-induced fever has passed, so we now return with a cool batch of distractions to slash our work efficiency in half! Fantastic!

1) Drive Thru Invisible Prank

Every drive-thru clerk's nightmare has come true as this Indian dude sets his car up to make it appear like a ghost suddenly got bored in the house he's haunting and went for a Big Mac. This is definitely something we'd like to do in our own Mcdonald's and Jollibee's here.

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2) Kevin Durant’s Unstoppable Show in Tinseltown

Kevin Durant, in case you haven't heard, is kind of a good player. Here he shows just how unstoppable he's become, dropping step-back three's, swishing floaters in, and utterly demolishing the rim, in yet another episode of the show we now know as "Aww, Poor Lakers Lose Again." 

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3) Terry Crews – Robot Dancing

We tend to make fun of herculean meatheads. (In secret of course, where they can't hear us.) But if that herculean meathead is Terry Crews, who most recently starred in this awesome Old Spice "muscle music" promotion, we tend to cheer, because just look at the man dance!

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