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Mar 18, 2013
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On the lookout for YouTube videos you can pass around the office like a fat joint? You came to the right place, buddy, because this week’s list, which includes a parody of Game of Thrones, a spoof of the Balkman incident, and a clever ad from Pepsi Max, will instantly have you in the running for Office Mate of the Year!

This is Game Of Thrones...if it had been made in 1995

It’s a question that all fans of the HBO series have always pondered: What if Game of Thrones was produced in the era of Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules? This clip re-imagines the unimaginable beauty of such a scenario, recreating the Game of Thrones opening replete with '90s style cheesy cutaways, actor intros, and a rousing power rock ballad theme song.

Filed under: '90s Kids Say Hoo-ooh!

Overheard: Renaldo Balkman Talking Gangsta

By now, The Great Balkman Incident of 2013 is something we should’ve already put behind. Penalties have been dealt, and all of us (Renaldo Balkman, mostly) learned the lesson of restraint. But the video above is just too hilarious to pass up. From the makers of the Michael Jordan “Sum Bitch” video, this politically-incorrect Balkman spoof has the disgraced import, among other things, trying to correct some dude that no, he ain’t Latrell Sprewell!  

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Star NASCAR driver puts on disguise, and takes car dealer on a wild ride

Jeff Gordon is an ace NASCAR driver. Steve is a car dealer. In this Pepsi Max ad, Gordon poses as a middle-aged regular Joe named Mike just looking to test drive a Chevy Camaro. Steve is clueless, thinking it would be just another day selling cars, until he gets the absolute ride of his life.

Uncle Drew/Kyrie Irving must be proud.

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A collection of weird cars from Russia

After watching the Jeff Gordon commercial, we clicked on this odd gem featuring some of the most “untraditional” vehicles in Russia. It had us going “at least, I don’t own a car with a dick ornament on the hood!”

Filed under: You're Doing It Wrong

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