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Mar 8, 2013
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So while this entire "Harlem Shake" party wagon is still a hot ride, we're going to jump right in, and shimmy-shake the heck out of our souls in this edition of YouTube Surfing. As usual, we've got a roster of sexy dancing babes, ultra-talented kids, and of course, basketball videos. Let's begin with...

A Very Talented 6-Year-Old B-Girl Destroys Breakdancing Battle

We secretly love to dance. Whenever we see John Lloyd dancing on some noontime show, or backup dancers in a strip club showing more talent than the actual girls, we ask ourselves: Why can't we be them? Why can't we be blessed with the talent to spin and jump like the kid in the video above? It's a talent we'd trade our writing skills for anytime.

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Sexiest Harlem Shake Ever

Well? Well? Wasn't that the most scintillitang experience you've ever had watching a YouTube video since you first got rick-rolled by Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up?" Lahat ng manyak, raise your hands.

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The “Homer” Shake

You know you've hit it big in the pop culture sweepstakes when The Simpsons take notice. Here, Homer and the rest of the 23-season-old gang do their own version of the Harlem, shaking it like they literally don't care. Just look at those faces. They're so non-chalant, it's funny.  

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Kobe Bryant’s Huge FACIAL

Like many fans, we have a love/hate relationship with The Black Mamba. But this video, a month-old clip from Kobe and the Lakeshow's game against the Brooklyn Nets, is definitely filed under the love column. "Mama, there goes that Mamba!" Mark Jackson would have screamed as Kobe served up a nice serving of the McNasty. 

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