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Sep 18, 2012
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At this point, everyone but your grandmom has probably made their own version of "Gangnam Style". You've also, by now, have watched, and re-watched Kiefer Ravena's monster slam over Karim Abdul more times than you'd care to admit. So why not turn your attention to these videos below, starting with the legendary, recently retired White Mamba.

Scal Levels Yao

Think Scal is just another harmless white boy? Think again. The White Mamba is more dangerous on the court than his dorky demeanor and pastiness lead you to believe. That's just his front. When the going gets tough, he'll bully his way to the rim with no regard for human life. Specifically 7'6" Chinese giants.

Things that don't intimidate Garnett: humongous flopping bellies

Know why Kevin Garnett is a champion? One reason is his intensity. He could be so intense sometimes that he's become immune to "visual cues" that leave most mortal men rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Nice try there, Philly fan.

Time now for our obligatory cute video of the week

What happens when a cute toddler does a maniacal laugh? We all go "aww," while trying to dismiss thoughts that she may one day be ruler/dictator of the universe.

A Herculean mistake draws huge ha ha's

Kevin Sorbo, the actor who plays Hercules, makes the mistake of reading "DISAPPOINTED" off the script. The word was put there to indicate the emotion and not as a line to be screamed. You gotta make these things clear with these actors.

One for the bucket list: this massive party festival in Belgium

What's Tomorrowland? Well, it's only the most intense electronic dance festival this side of Europe. The annual celebration held in Belgium is a music mecca of sorts, a literal wonderland for anyone who thinks electronic music is the shiznit, and for anyone who likes tripping out. Check out those wild installations!