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Alodia Gosiengfiao - FHM Cover Girl July 2013

Alodia wearing these is way better than any cartoon fantasy
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 17, 2013
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Cosplayer-model-artist-singer-etc. You are quite the multihyphenate. How does it feel to add FHM cover girl to your achievements?
Of course, I’m honored, though I didn’t really expect I’d be doing it soon. I’m very shy, so it took a while for us to think about it–but finally I’m here!

Was it really that difficult to decide on?
For quite a while, the first invite I got was three years ago. And I wasn’t ready then, I was still in college. And very, very shy!

Did the fact that you’ve already placed twice on our 100 Sexiest list help nudge you toward saying yes?
Of course. But I must admit, I had no idea how I made it to the list—it’s so funny. Ha ha! I’m very thankful that at least people nominated and even believed I was qualified.

How did you find out you made it?
Through Facebook and Twitter. People posted things like, “Hey, please vote for Alodia.” Then I clicked the link and was shocked to see my name on the list. It’s actually cute; I was, like, “Aww, thank you.”

You really had no idea that fans thought you were worthy?
None, really. It was something I didn’t expect.

Based on our “observations,” cosplay and animé fans tend to be nerdy or geeky males. Is this true?
Actually there is a difference between nerdy and geeky. Most of them call themselves geeks or otaku—animé fans and gaming fans. But I think the world is changing—sometimes we see geeks now as “cool.” Like the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg—for me he’s cool. I think geeks are really cool
right now.

So does that mean you go for the geeky guy?
Of course! When I see guys who are extremely buff…yeah, they look good but for me geeky guys are cuter, ha ha! It’s my personal preference.

Is it a plus if they like animé, too?
Well, I don’t really want to push them to like it—it’s not a requirement. I just want them to at least respect what I do. I like doing cosplay, I love video games, and I hope they don’t mind that I do that. I have other friends, they have boyfriends, or whatever who tell them, “Hey, you stop cosplaying.” That’s not so nice.

Hold on, how much of a gamer are you? You don’t mean gaming as in Candy Crush right?
I used to have a lot of time to play games! Right now, I don’t have time but before, when I was in high school—okay, kids don’t try this at home, ha ha!—I’d wake up at 5 a.m. for school, get out 5 p.m., and then I have cheerleading training after. So I finish 9 p.m. And then when I get home, I sometimes skip dinner. I sleep at around 9 p.m.-12 p.m. Then I wake up at midnight and play video games until 5 a.m.!

You don’t eat, you don’t sleep, and you don’t…study?
Ha ha, I do sometimes! I listen during class. I draw and listen at the same time.

Cheering didn’t beat the heck out of you?
Sometimes, I looked like a zombie but I got used to it in time.

Animé, video games, and cheerleading—you’d be the perfect girl for a lot of guys.
I don’t know. I hope so? Ha ha! Because I always thought I was odd... Girls back in high school were into soirees and parties, I was the quiet one who stayed at home a lot playing games and working on artworks.

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Photography Xander Angeles of Edge of Light Studios for Styling Rex Atienza of StyleList Inc.
Makeup Mickey See Hair Mark Familiara

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