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Beauty Gonzalez - FHM Cover Girl August 2014

In <em>Moon of Desire</em>, Beauty Gonzalez turns heads giving sexy a good laugh but don't forget that Beauty is also a woman who can be a powerful tease
by Anton D. Umali | Aug 20, 2014
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First off, your interesting name: Where did it come from?
Nung ipinanganak ako, akala ng mom and dad ko, lalaki ako. Medyo balbon ako nun, so they thought I was a boy. Sabi ng dad ko, “Ay may pepe pala! Bilati! Bilati! which in Bisaya is vagina. And my mom said, “Hindi! Beauty yan, hindi bilat! and that’s where my name came from.

Interesting. What made you decide to enter the house of Kuya?
My parents wanted me to study in Manila but I wasn’t comfortable changing my lifestyle because I was happy in Dumaguete, our province. Inisip ko na magiging mahirap kung lumipat ako mag-isa dito sa Manila. My mom said, “Kung ayaw mo, eh di huwag! And then the auditions for PBB opened and I didn’t want to join at first. Ayokong pumila! Ginawan ng mom ko ng paraan, yung yaya namin yung pinapila niya.

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And then what happened?
So dala ng yaya ko yung picture ko and when it was my turn, my mom told me to just give it a try. I finally agreed. So when the panel asked me why I wanted to join, my reply was: “Gusto kasi ng nanay ko eh! Ha ha!

And of course, you got the gig.
Yes. Hindi ko alam na yun pala yung gusto nila, yung mga straightforward sumagot, yung prangka.

So you got in pretty easily, but what was the hardest thing you learned while inside the PBB house?
Doing things on my own. Sanay kasi akong laging may kasamang yaya to prepare my things, ha ha! I grew up with my yayas around all the time because my parents were always away for work.

And Kuya became sort of a mentor for you?
Yes, PBB taught me how to prepare my own food, wash my own clothes. And the fact that I had to stay in there with people na hindi ko naman kilala. It was months na malayo ako sa pamilya ko.

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Then you had Kuya’s cameras constantly focused on you...
Yes, hindi ko pa alam nung una! I didn’t know there were cameras everywhere because hindi naman ako nanonood ng PBB bago ako pumasok. Nanibago ako.

How did this awareness of the camera affect your actions?
Nung una, pa-emote-emote pa ako kasi alam ko may camera. Yes, I became conscious. I said to myself na hindi dapat ako masyadong mag-maldita. I also thought of my parents watching—ayokong maging malungkot or disappointed sila sa akin. Ayokong mapahiya sila.


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Photography Doc Marlon Pecjo Styling and Hair and Makeup Patty Yap
Special thanks to Mr. Johnny Manahan Kate Dolin, TEY Star Magic 
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