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Behind-The-Scenes At Misa Campo's January Cover Shoot

We're not saying we pick favorites, but how can you not have a crush on Misa Campo?
by Chise Alcantara | Jan 2, 2018
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It always seems like a blur whenever we shoot with Misa. At our last cover shoot with her, we only had Misa for a day, which wasn’t nearly as much time as we wanted to spend with her so we intended to make every moment count. Ever since Misa’s first shoot with us in 2011, we’d fallen madly in love with this social media beauty and couldn’t wait for another chance to work with her again.

Despite not working with each other for so long, Misa was still pretty comfortable with our team (ganun talaga kapag may chemistry). “It’s always a really, really great time. The stylist, the hair, and the makeup–it’s always amazing. Xander [Angeles is] always amazing, so I’m sure that this shoot will be as good as last time!” And it definitely was. It was like we were picking up from where we left off.


It always makes us wonder why people think Misa is unapproachable when just after a few minutes of talking with her, we felt like we were already BFF’s! “Some people think that I’m a bitch, I think.  I don’t know, maybe I could be. I do try my hardest to be a nice person. I think I have resting bitch face sometimes. So they’ll go, ‘she’s not nice,’ but, what can I do? I try to be true and just really authentic as possible with everybody.”

Now, please excuse us if we’re a bit FC (feeling close) when it comes to Misa, but it’s really difficult not to feel all giddy when you’re around this girl. Misa Campo is the real deal, no matter how you look at her. Despite her busy life, going around the world modeling and doing business, when you’re with her, she makes you feel like she’s really there. She puts a hundred and one percent into everything she does. “I think that if you just try your best, live in the now and live in this moment, you’re always experiencing what’s really going on—I love that.”

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