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Cristina Garcia - September 2000

| Sep 1, 2000
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Styling: Luis Espiritu of Exhibit 8;
Makeup: Steven Doloso of Exhibit 8

Are models insecure exhibitionists?

Well, I guess you can say that of a lot of people, you know.

But you seem to be an exception. You don’t like interviews for one thing.

I do if I can use them for a purpose, if I can get something out that’s really close to my heart.

Isn’t promoting yourself a good enough cause?

Well, I have agents who are really doing a good job. (laughs) My work is my work and I love it and I get to play and I get to travel. But my personal life, what I do at home, that’s my life. I’m really guarded about that. That’s why I don’t like giving interviews so much.

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