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Danita Paner - FHM Cover Girl November 2013

Danita Paner can play rebel and delinquent all she wants, but there&rsquo;s no denying she&rsquo;s got celebrity in her blood<br /><br />
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 20, 2013
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Is this your first sexy shoot?
Yes, it’s my first sexy shoot. I was comfortable because I’ve worked with Mark Nicdao naman na way back, and also with the rest of his team. Hindi ako nahirapan mag-adjust.

What was your favorite layout?
Lahat actually. Feeling ko mahihirapan kami mamili dahil lahat talagang nagustuhan namin. But if I were to pick, my personal favorite would be the one with the white fur na parang nagmukhang may wings ako.

Was it easy for you to go topless?
It’s my first time to do a topless shoot but since it was Mark doing it naging madali naman for me to do it. And it’s not bastusin, it’s very tasteful.

What went through your mind before proceeding with the shoot?
Actually, bumili ako ng hard drink kanina. So bago ako sumalang, I took two shots, para lang ano, pampainit lang.

What did you drink?
Emperador with C2.

Is that your poison of choice?
Kasi walang vodka eh. Ayoko namang mag-wine, it’s too early so sinagad ko na sa hard.

Are you a seasoned drinker?
I drink occasionally.

And by “occasionally” you mean?
Every day…no, kidding ha ha! I’m not alcoholic or anything but I like beer. But since may shoot ako, kailangan ko tanggalin yung beer for like two weeks so I don’t get bloated. Siguro meron lang akong a week to prepare for this.

Can you tell us about your preparation?
I did a lot of cardio and then no carbs. I counted calories.

But what’s your regular fitness regimen?
Cardio lang talaga. Yun yung pinaka-importante. Siguro kahit thrice a week, I do cardio. Kasi pag wala, nag-bo-bloat ako kaagad eh so importante yung cardio. Nung nagka-edad ako, nag-iba na yung  metabolism ko. Pero when I was younger, I was so thin, as in super payatin.

May edad? Why, how old are you?
I’m 24!

That’s still young!
Ha ha! Thank you.

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Do you always have to down those shots to calm the nerves, say, when you sing or act?
When I perform with my band, pag ang kasabay namin mga mabibigat na banda, I down a few beers para lang hindi ako mag-palpitate. Kasi minsan pag sobrang na-e-excite ako or ninenerbyos, nagpa-palpitate ako so I need to relax.


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