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Erika Padilla - FHM Cover Girl June 2014

Sorry we couldn't find a decent shirt to fit sporty bombshell Erika Padilla. As you can see, every inch of her is raring to explode!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 18, 2014
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At one point in the shoot, all your clothes left you. What was going through your head when they’d gone?
There’s not much difference really because I’m always that way when I’m doing yoga or when I’m at the beach. Ha ha! I’m just lucky that the people I got to work with today are fun people I felt comfortable with. It was a new level for me though. I’d have these little screams in my head because I was thinking of my dad, my mom, my brother, and the people in the basketball industry—an industry obviously filled with a lot of guys who will see it! But ultimately, I know we did a good job.

Who’s going to go “Whoa, what’s this?!” the most?
Of course, the guys: my dad and my brother. They’ve always been very protective of me. But they also know I’m able to handle myself well, and I won’t get myself into anything that I don’t feel comfortable with. Siguro they just don’t have any idea how far I can really go now that I’m 27, now that I’m really deciding things on my own. I will always be their little girl because I’m the youngest. Even if I turn 45, I’ll still be their little girl.

Was that part of your decision to do the cover? That you were always seen as “the little girl"?
I will always be the little girl, yes, but it wasn’t a struggle for me to put my foot on the ground with what I wanted to happen. When opportunities came, it wasn’t difficult for me to convince them. They know I’m a hard worker. I stand by my decisions and choices. At the end of the day, the little girl character will always be there, because they will always check up on me, if I’ve eaten, or where am I. Alam mo yung kakatapos lang ng fourth quarter, at ini-interview pa lang yung best player, my mom would immediately text me, “Where are you?!” I’d be, like, “Ma! Nasa court pa ako. Kakatapos lang ng fourth quarter ‘di ba?”

We rarely see the little girl part. More often than not, we see you as this strong girl. Where does this strength come from?
My dad was in the military. My mom was a performer when she was younger—a dancer, and a singer. And my dad is really a leader. He was a general—and I’m not saying this to scare anybody, I’m just laying down the facts. So with that background, there were rules to be followed. There was time for everything—we could not watch this, we could only do this at a particular time...

With General Dad, were boys ever able to approach?
Ha ha! Well, I’ve only had one boyfriend.

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Paano ka niya niligawan?
To be fair, he went to the house. But we were together already before he went to the house. My point is, tapangan lang talaga ng loob, and I guess he really liked me.


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Photography Ejay leung of Midnight Bonkers Styling Rey Santos Makeup Jigs Mayuga using MAC Cosmetics assisted by Justine Navato Hair Sandy Odo
Special thanks to Gold's Gym Marikina
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