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The Sexiest Quotes From FHM's 2017 Cover Girls

Which muse was your favorite?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Dec 31, 2017
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Twelve months, 22 lovely cover girls. This 2017, FHM gave you the freshest faces, the most-awaited comebacks, and the hottest celebrities in the industry. We had sports sirens, mesmerizing musicians, upcoming artists, and trending celebrities gracing the magazine in their sexiest appearances yet. Some had solo covers, others came in pairs, while the most we had were 8 comediennes sharing one epic issue. The year that was, was indeed—in millennial speak—lit AF.   

Now, it’s time to take a look back on those stunning covers, and learn from the words of wisdom our lovely ladies shared with us. Who’s your favorite? We know, it's hard to choose just one.

Kim Domingo

January 2017

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On being the country’s new pantasya ng bayan:

Hindi ko siya tine-take as something negative. May iba kasing mga tao na nakikita siyang mali. Iniisip nila na gustong-gusto ko raw na pinagpapantasyahan ako ng bayan at nga mga kalalakihan. Pero para sa akin, celebration yun ng kagandahan at kakayahan ng babae. Karangalan siya.”

Julz Savard and Emmanuelle Vera

February 2017

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On being a rock and rollin’ chick:

“My hope is that people will remember me as somebody who transformed the music scene because I had something to say and I wasn’t afraid to say it. I told myself that one day, I will be on the cover of FHM and it’ll be because I ‘m a rock and roll chick. And people are going to dig that. Women shouldn’t feel objectified in the world of music. If anything, we are the sex; we are the drugs; we are the rock and roll.” 

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On her music:

“I think my ultimate goal was to just get to perform for people and get my music out there to hopefully touch people with my songs.”

Ina Raymundo

March 2017

On aging gracefully:

“I think I’m like Benjamin Button. I’m growing backwards. I feel like I’m 14 instead of 41 yeasr old. I feel younger and more childlike and yet I’m happier than ever. And I think I’m fitter ,too! I have more muscles now.”`

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Phoebe Walker

April 2017

On pursuing her dreams:

“Be patient and trust in the process, and be grateful for every little step, little achievement, little role na nakukuha mo. Kailangan ganun mo siya tingnan, kasi if you’re going to be pessimistic, walang mangyayari.

Kris Bernal

May 2017

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On bashers and negativity:

“You can never be liked by people all the time. Working on my own identity in show business proved that you can never depend on anyone in the industry to put your name up on the marquee. Hindi mo rin pwedeng hayaan na yung mga tao ang mag-dictate kung ano at sino ka.”

Roxanne Barcelo

June 2017

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On giving it her all:

“I do things a hundred percent. At the end of the day my only goal has always been to work and perform, in everything I do I go into it with everything I have. If I’m a pop star I do the same thing. When I commit I go all out. It’s the same thing when I’m in love, I go all out. Either I say goodbye or I stick with you throughout. I tried to be a half-hearted person once, but it’s not the way I was built."


Jinri Park

July 2017

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On being labelled as sexy:

“It isn’t about being labelled as sexy—it’s to show that I’ve become more comfortable with who I am and my body. This is my body and I’m confident in my own skin. Being sexy is a part of who I am as an artist and I’ve embraced it.” 

Mara Lopez and Amanda Villanueva

August 2017


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On being one of the country's prettiest players: 

“I’m not after the fame, I’m after inspiring people. Nagkataon lang siguro na ang daming magagandang volleyball players so ikaw, ang feeling mo, maganda ka na rin!” - Amanda

On surfing and living:

“As in surfing, in life there are going to be trials—there are a lot of wipeouts. Ako, I auditioned a lot, and I didn’t get all the roles. I see those rejections the same way I look as wipeouts. Surfing really thought me a lot, and one of its greatest lessons is that it’s okay to be afraid sometimes. Kasi sometimes, that fear will save your life. Yes, you do have to conquer your fears, but sometimes, you have to know when to listen to your fears also.” - Mara

Nicole Asensio

September 2017

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On performing:

“After the first song, okay na ako. After the performance, I’m just hungry and in the mood for a beer and some laughs. You’ll probably see me hang out with my bandmates and unwind. Laugh for an hour or two. And then I go home.”

Daiana Menezes

October 2017

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On being a social media maven:

“I think what social media does is help you be yourself. You don’t need to play any role. If I had to give any tips on engaging better on social media, I’d say keep it real. That, and always keep up with your followers.”

Bubble Gang Girls

November 2017

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Debbie Garcia and Angel Yap

December 2017

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One their careers:

“I’m happy where I am now. I still may not be where  I want to be but at least I’m not where I sued to be. It’s a good thing. Small steps each day and soon you’ll be closer than yesterday.” - Debbie

“Right now I am building myself up again. Catching up with my family, working harder for my future and just trying to start all over again. I mean, we always have second, third, fourth, and infinite chances in life, right?" - Angel

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