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Francine Prieto - November 2003

| Nov 1, 2003
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We’re gambling on the cover again. How is the newbie holding up to the pressure so far?
Ok lang, in fact I’m flattered to be on the cover. Narinig ko pa nga ang dami raw nasa waiting list and yet I got my chance early so I’m definitely flattered. On my part, hindi naman siguro ako kukuning cover girl kung hindi ako karapat-dapat, di ba?

Cheers to that. Okay, let’s introduce you to the readers by way of backtracking. You joined Bb. Pilipinas this year, yes?
Yes. I ended up in the top 12 but didn’t get the title. I guess it’s just as well because, I got a movie career instead. Siguro hindi talaga para sa akin ang Bb. Pilipinas.

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