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Gwen Garci - Jan-Feb 2003

| Jan 1, 2003
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Upon hearing this lady’s name, one would be inclined to ask, “Is she Italian?” The answer, my friends, is a definite no. “It’s the screen name I’m using. As for my real name, all I can tell you is that part of it is Mylene,” Gwen says with an impish smile. (For a while, she changed her handle to the more familiar “Gwen Garcia,” as she was called in the October 2002 issue.)

Okay, so Gwen Garci’s heritage isn’t one of putanesca and Pal Zileri. Her lovely looks, however, are enough to make you forget your own name. “I was a ramp model before this. I went for a VTR, and that’s where my current manager saw me. She liked how I looked, so she introduced me to Boss Vic del Rosario, and that’s how this started.”

An excellent start, indeed, and an even more promising future. But does she intend to stick to acting, or will gregarious Gwen go into something else, like singing? “Why not? I think everyone can sing. But I’ll have to take voice lessons though.” And how about taking the more daring path to movie stardom? “If I’m going to be doing the lead role, why not? But whatever happens, I’ll definitely do my best. I’m just really happy that Viva is giving me a chance to show what I can do.”

And what exactly can Gwen do? “I think I can do everything that other sexy actresses are doing right now.” Brave words, and words that may cause people to label her as just another run-of-the-mill boldie. But in Gwen’s own words, “I think the thing that will set me apart from everyone else is my breeding, the way I am. Everyone has a different personality. It’s just really what you are that makes you special.”

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