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Jinri Park - FHM Cover Girl August 2013

We haven't had fun this much fun in a long time, thanks Jinri!
by allan hernandez | Aug 22, 2013
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It’s clear that 2013 is your breakout year, and the one project that stands out from the bunch that you’re doing right now is being Bossing Vic Sotto’s girl in his new sitcom Vampire ang Daddy Ko. You must feel so loved right now.
I’m really very honored to be part of that sitcom. Everyone there is a superstar, from Bossing Vic Sotto to Ms. Pilita Corrales. But it’s also very intimidating because they’re all veterans and I on the other hand have no experience in acting. But as taping days go by they really do care about everyone and I feel like family already. I’m enjoying it.

We can really sense luck is on your side so we’re guessing Bossing’s people were the ones who approached you and not the other way around.
Well, yeah, kasi I had already been a bit character in Si Agimat, Si Enteng at si Ako. I was sir Jimmy Santos’s wife in the movie and my scene was with Bossing, Tito Jim, and Senator Bong Revilla.

Wow, your first quick moment in a movie was with the big names, Jimmy Santos included! And then the sitcom. Why do you think Bossing’s people like you so much?
I’m not very sure about that, because I didn’t really ask. Pero I think it helped that I’m Korean because I’m sure they saw the whole Korean trend so I think they felt they needed to put that in. I guess they saw something else because it was Bossing himself who said, “Let’s get her.” I sure hope they saw something in me.

We’re sure being Korean is one reason, but another thing working for you is that you’re also very famous on the Web. Do you work hard to cultivate your fans online like, say, Alodia Gosiengfiao, who commandeers her entire social network?
For me, being on the Web is my life already. I’m always on the Web, I like being online so it’s not like work for me—it’s second nature. I don’t know how it happened [the big fan base], I just began talking with my fans and then they grew. On Facebook I have about 200,000 fans—I don’t really check but since I appeared in Vampire I’ve seen it grow even more.

What other social network platforms are you into?
I also have Instagram and Twitter. I think Instagram is getting bigger because there’s video now so you can really follow an artista, it’s like you’re with them.

Do you put a blow-by-blow visual account of your day on Instagram?
When I feel like it. I don’t really plan what to put in. Sometimes it would just be selfies, ha ha ha! Other times it would something, like, “This is my shoot today with so and so actor or actress.”

But what do your fans like to see?
Bikinis, ha ha ha!

And you oblige them, of course.
Before I used to put a lot [of the bikini stuff] but now more on my scenes when I’m acting.

No one’s complaining?
Actually there are complaints. Why no free FHM daw.

Because my Instagram account is called Free FHM...

Hey, you’re hurting our sales!
No! Kasi di ba you don’t have to pay for my pictures on Instagram right, ha ha ha! So they say, “How come no Free FHM, Jinri?” and I’m, like, “uhm, teka wait lang ha...”

We don’t want to sound presumptuous but we hope FHM really did have a hand in bringing you all these good things.
No, not at all. Of course, it did! I always tell this to other magazines and newspapers whenever I get interviewed that I think FHM was really my stepping stone to getting into DJing, showbiz, and other things. Even though it wasn’t my first cover, FHM was my first mainstream cover. You have a wide range of audience and that started it.

That’s another thing: You’re acting now, but you’re also a DJ at RX 93.1. You were our columnist once, so you can write. So there’s a list of things that you can do. Is there something that you absolutely can’t?
I can’t dance. I never tried learning and I’m scared to learn. I am just a horrible dancer. There was one time I guested in Party Pilipinas [now Sunday All-Stars] and I totally messed everything up. People laughed at my dance routine on YouTube. It’s fine. I think it’s funny. It’s just not my thing.


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