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Joanne Quintas and Jackie Forster - January 2002

<p>Two to tango!</p>
| Jan 1, 2002
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Styling: Donna Cuna
Makeup: Kiko Escobar and Romy Tan

Jackie Forster

So how does it feel like hugging a woman?

Well, she’s my best friend.

But you know how much all of what’s happened in this shoot is a fantasy come true for us—we want to know how it feels like for a woman to hug another woman, or our efforts are in vain.
(Chuckles) It did feel awkward at first, but as the shoot went on I found a sense of security knowing that I am comfortable with the woman I’m with. I’m sure it also happens to men, you feel awkward with someone you are not comfortable with.

Seeing you with another woman makes us spin a yarn on the concept. What if, say, a man was thrown in? A boyfriend invited you to a threesome—a real one and not a fantasy shoot—would you be a party to it?
You know, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 

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