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Karen Montelibano - October 2005

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| Oct 1, 2005
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Wow, you’re really alive! Where on this earth have you been?
I was just around. After appearing in [her and photographer Jun de Leon’s] book Suonos I exited from showbiz. Then I started my own business. I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve been to Europe a few times in the past years because I was bringing something different into the “lingerie world.”

Was this part of your post-showbiz plan?

Actually I’ve been doing this even before kaya lang I couldn’t focus doing two things at the same time. I had to choose the lingerie business. I wanted to have lingerie for women of all walks of life—sexy women, fat women, high-class and middle-class. I have something for everyone in my store.

Of course you design them.
Now I do. But on our first year I carried high-end brands.

Where do you draw inspiration?
Oh I’ve loved lingerie ever since! When I was in grade school I’d get a piece of bond paper and draw my own lingerie. I’d always tell my mom that when I grow up or if I was going to have my own money, I’d love to have my own shop for women.

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So how’s the lingerie business doing?
It’s good. It’s booming now.

Just to give us an idea of how good it’s doing, what are you driving now?
Oh. I’m driving a Mercedes Benz ML.

What show biz roles are on your list?
I’d love to be a contrabida. Gusto ko yung nang-aapi ng mga bida, ha ha! But I want to do it in a glamorous way. I want to dress up.

Speaking of dressing up, you seemed very hands-on with this scantily clad shoot…
I’m always hands-on. Kahit anong field na pinapasok ko, kina-career ko. It’s not like a game that I can just play around with—we’re talking about money here.

Now how’s the love life?
I’m surrounded with love now. Lahat ng hinahawakan ko may love. I’ve been in love for more than three years now.

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You getting hitched in the near future?
Not soon. Right now I want to work and enjoy life first.

What did it take for the man to win your heart?
It’s easy. He’s supportive in the sense that he’s always at my back. I have a very cerebral man now.

So is it also a man’s brain that fires you up?
Yes. And he should know how to cook and feed me because I eat a lot. I love pasta. I cook a lot too. I want us to cook together.

Last we talked, three years ago, you professed having made love for 13 straight hours. Have you broken this record now?
Oh. Always, ha ha! Let me just say I get much more than that now.

Ever thought of auctioning your used lingerie? It might be a good business deal between you and FHM—men would buy them for a steeper price.
No, I won’t do that. My lingeries are very private. I’ve been using them a lot already tapos ibebenta ko? Ha ha! FHM

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