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Maui Taylor - Jan-Feb 2003

| Jan 1, 2003
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Woman-child Maui Taylor has gone way past being “the next hottest thing to hit town.” She’s already trailblazed her way into being one of local cinema’s most bankable onscreen goddesses, earning a seat in the hearts and minds of the male populace—a muse for 13-year-olds, a Lolita of sorts for fogeys.

But even with her newfound brand of celebrity, Maui is a long way from taking a breather. She had to cancel plans of spending New Year’s with her dad in London to work on her movie with Albert Martinez, Kasalo, over the holidays. Her career is on the fast track and this will be her third release in barely a year’s time since Gamitan. Even with that movie, she left little unexposed and has made her doors ajar to frontal nudity. “People will expect more from me and I want to be able to meet those expectations.” 

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