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Max Collins - FHM Cover Girl March 2015

We've celebrated women for so long, but we're not about to stop. The challenge, really, is finding more reasons to go on, a new way of seeing. We found Max Collins and we're ready to begin again.
by Khyne Palumar | Mar 18, 2015
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Do anniversaries generally make you feel more anxious or excited?
Excited, because it’s a celebration of the past, but also a marker, and a start, and I feel that way about this year. I’m celebrating all the years I’ve worked as an actress—I started in showbiz when I was 14 and I’m 22 now. It’s been quite a while, so it’s an anniversary for me as well. I’m celebrating my years as an actress, and at the same time, with a bang, with the 15th anniversary of FHM.

Personally though, what were you like at 15?
Um…medyo pasaway ako. I kind of rebelled a little. So I would go out a lot, hang out a lot with my friends on the weekends. But at the same time I was working, I was going to school, so pasaway na responsible at the same time. Ano pa ba? Drinking, but then tamed naman, I wasn’t wild—I would just be around people most of the time. I didn’t like staying home. I liked going out and being with my friends. The usual na 15-year-old.

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Have you blacked out at parties?
I did, I blacked out once and I lost my bag. When I was younger kasi I thought I could handle drinking, but I couldn’t pala. What was good is I was with my best friends. The next day I thought my friend had it yun pala hindi so yun, nawala bag ko. I think that’s probably the worst thing that ever happened to me.

How often do you go out now?
Ngayon wala na. Hindi na, I don’t go to bars anymore.

At all?
Siguro pag may
events, I do go out and I try to have fun. But then again I’m too busy working all the time, so I just try to have fun sa set, and have fun at work.

How do you have fun at work?
Siguro when I’m building relationships with the staff. Like, when we play card games—and then when we have out of town trips, we just bond.

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When we’re Googling work-related features about you though, they always hit on kissing scenes. Why do you think that is?
Really? I guess because…well, I’m not sure.

How different are your onscreen kisses from your real life kisses?
Honestly, I would say on-screen kisses aren’t as enjoyable as real life kissing. Even if for example, someone had a crush on the person they’re kissing on-screen, it’s not fun because so many people are watching you. It’s never enjoyable. It’s just a part of work. It’s totally different from personal life kasi that involves feelings. As an actor you just do what the role requires. I mean if you have your on-screen husband, you kiss your husband. And that’s that.


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Photography Doc Marlon Pecjo  Styling Maui Rodriguez  Makeup Mickey See  Hair Jerry Javier;
Special thanks to Mr. Perry Lansingan of PPL Entertainment, Ms. Gigi Santiago Lara and Daryl Zamora of GMA Artist Center, and Ryan Zamora
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