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Behind-The-Scenes At Myrtle Sarrosa's February Cover Shoot

Plus, some words of wisdom for her fellow millennials
by Chise Alcantara | Jan 31, 2018
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Millennials, despite being tagged by others as entitled and lazy, don't seem to feel like they have it easy. A young adult such as yourself can’t help but feel a bit anxious when you realize that your parents were already buying a house of their own at your age or when you start comparing your semi-mediocre life to your more successful peers. Regardless of how successful you are, there’s always this looming pressure that no one really wants to talk about (unless you want to be accused of being whiny).

Even our cover girl, Myrtle Sarrosa, who can easily be thought of as very successful (UP cum laude-actress-host-VJ-singer-songwriter-politician-calendar girl-PBA muse-two-time FHM cover girl btw) feels the pressure society has put on the young generation. “Ngayon ang taas ng expectations for millennials,” says Myrtle. “You’re expected to achieve so much at a young age.” So you can either give up and quit or buckle down and achieve the greatness no one expects you to.

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That’s why Myrtle gives 100 percent in whatever she does—pretty groundbreaking statement, right? You’ve probably never heard a celebrity say that in an interview before. Kidding aside, in any other situation, we would have never included an answer as cliché as that in a write-up, but in this circumstance we’ll let is slide just because we genuinely believe that Myrtle really means what she said.

Despite having a very promising career ahead of her in the entertainment industry she still wanted to get her diploma no matter how difficult balancing everything could get. “It was crazy! I had four to five classes in a day with no breaks in between, moving from college to college. I remember crying during my Philippine Institution exam because I was packed up from taping at 5 a.m. then I had to take an exam without any sleep at 8:30 a.m... I really wanted to give my parents the opportunity na samahan ako na umakyat ng stage,” she recalls.

When you meet Myrtle for the first time, you can immediately tell she’s a go-getter from how game she is—from how excited she is to try different poses in the layouts to the sparkle she has in her eyes whenever she gets asked an interview question that intrigues her. When you have a conversation with her, it feels likes you’re talking to a kid. Not in the sense that you’re talking to someone immature, but someone who can always find something new, different, and exciting anywhere she might look.

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Everyone grows older; it’s inevitabile. Each generation passes its own ideals and biases to the next and these will surely cause misunderstandings between them. These hardships make us forget that we were once them—anxious and unsure but with the capacity to show unfathomable courage.


“Millennials shouldn’t be so hard on themselves," Myrtle says. "Your worth is not equal to your success. You shouldn’t be pressured with the extremely high standards we have for ourselves. What I learned in life is that we have to stumble and fall in order to come back stronger and stand taller.” 

Now that we’re done serving you your daily dose of motivational and inspirational quotable quotes, why not take a closer look at all the other stuff you can look forward to reading about in our Feb 2018 Love issue?

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