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Nancy Castiglione - April 2006

| Apr 1, 2006
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Since you aren’t scared to try anything, what’s the ballsiest thing you’ve done lately?
I would have to say the shoot for TechnoMarine. I had to do shots underwater. We were shooting in this pool-aquarium thing. The photographer was inside where he could see me underwater through a glass wall. And in order for me to sink so that he could take the shots, I had to let go of all the air in my lungs, hold my breath, not touch my face as per Barbi (Chan, makeup artist) here—and look sexy. As if that wasn’t enough, my boob popped out! So there: The ballsiest thing I’ve ever done was try to look good while drowning, ha ha!

You’ve had to give up some work to get your share of free time. But isn’t it hard saying no to projects while they’re on a roll?
Oh yeah, it’s hard! But I’ve been working straight for three and a half years. I’ve worked on three shows simultaneously all that time. So I desperately need a break or else I’m going to burn out. 

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