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Behind-The-Scenes At Nathalie Hart's May 2018 Cover Shoot

We found out just how much of a trooper the sultry actress really is
by Chise Alcantara | May 11, 2018
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The thing about magazines is that you never see what really goes on behind the scenes because as much as we would want to share with you every single detail of how we produce each issue, that’ll take too much time we all don’t have. Like most media, you probably don’t need to see the drafts, the rejects, the overwhelming amount of edits we have to go through for you to actually enjoy the final product... or do you?

FHM exists to celebrate women and their sexiness. And sometimes women get even sexier once you get to know them better. Such is the case with Nathalie Hart. While Nathalie is sexy as hell, as you may already know judging from your comments asking us to get her on our cover, there’s definitely more to her than what you see on television and social media. “Dati gumigising ako na kahit wala akong pera, I still try to feel great. Thinking that I’m just planting my seeds, just being patient, and trying not to deal with the negativities in life,” says Nathalie. You probably would have already speculated that the showbiz life isn’t always filled with glitz and glamour, but it feels different when you hear it in person. It feels real.

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Going into Nathalie’s cover shoot, our team had no idea that this was going to be our last print cover. We didn’t have our mind set on making this the most memorable shoot ever, but it didn’t really have to be. We get asked quite often that if we knew beforehand that this was going to be our last issue, would we have picked some other woman to be on our cover? Maybe someone more popular or had more exposure in the industry. The answer is no.

We’d be lying if we said that we treated every cover as if it was going to be our last because that would have been needlessly stressful; and while we at the print editorial staff were a bit disappointed that we weren’t going to be able to see the other covers we planned on print, we’d still like to say that we’ve always been publishing covers that we could be proud of and this one was no exception. We left print having no regrets because, for some strange reason, everything fell into place for Nathalie’s shoot and it feels great when that happens.


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We finally got to book Mark [Nicdao] again as photographer after so long, Nathalie was very comfortable with her preferred glam team, and NDN Resorts and Events place was very accommodating to us while we shot at their venue. Imagine coordinating with over 50 people just to be able to arrange one cover shoot—it’s just an amazing feeling to be able to watch everyone doing what they do best because you were able to bring them together.

Before all our shoots, our art director, photographer, and stylist would walk around the place to plan out how each layout would look like—we like to let the team have as much creative freedom as possible. Mark is one of those photographers that really has a strong sense of how he wants his photos to feel so it’s really a win-win scenario on our part. He gets to tryout whatever he wants and we get to have time to actually relax at a resort (for free!) and just watch as things unfold. Unfortunately, Nathalie didn’t have that luxury.

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From early in the morning to late in the afternoon, Nathalie was contorting her body in ways we didn’t think were possible for her in spaces we didn’t think humans could possible squeeze into. As she said it herself, the poses Mark made her do made her feel muscles that she hadn’t felt in years. The fact that she was a trooper during the whole shoot showed us just how “palaban” this girl is. No matter how difficult things get, this girl pushes through.

“Palaban” is a term we’d like to use to describe her because english translations don’t really cut it. Nathalie gives off a mataray image if you don’t know her, but she really just has a strong and confident personality. She speaks her mind whenever she feels uncomfortable with the situation, as we got to know when there were too many people crowding around her and taking photos while she was posing for the camera.

“At the end of the day, I’m just doing my job and all the judgmental people can hate me all they want, and I don’t care. People from social media would ask me, whether I’m ashamed of myself because of what I do for a living, sabi ko ‘no.’ I’m not a porn star.”

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She’ll pose naked, she’ll do steamy sex scenes, she’ll contort her body into pretzels in order to get the perfect shot. She’ll go through all of this in order to produce something amazing. Why? Because she wants your attention and she deserves it. We’re glad we had Nathalie Hart for our last print cover because we know that this woman will go places. She’ll leave a mark in this industry like how we’d like to believe FHM did.

We made our last print issue extra special for you guys. We packed our magazine up with loads of gorgeous women for you to admire and even learn a few tips from, like Dr. Shanna Solideo’s health tips and Janice Hung’s intro to the of wushu. We couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic seeing as we’ve been doing this for over 18 years now, so we included a throwback of our best staff cameos on print and some man knowledge we’ve learned throughout the years. All that and more in our May issue. It’s been great.


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