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5 Times Nathalie Hart Challenged MTRCB Ratings

Fairly NSFW (don't say we didn't warn you)
by Chise Alcantara | May 19, 2018
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It isn’t farfetched to say Nathalie Hart is one of the sexiest stars in cinema today. Not only has she gone the distance when it comes to how daring her recent roles have been, she also brings loads of personality to each erotic persona she’s undertaken.

A lot of people think that all you have to do to be sultry is to strip, but if that were the case, why is Nathalie consistently getting the lead? Maybe it’s because she brings something more to the table other than a rocking body and beautiful face—the sex appeal she brings to each scene is through the roof. We’ll explain why as we break down the best and hottest scenes of her movie career.

Tisay – The bookie with a dirty mouth

Nathalie is a headstrong and motivated bookie who revels in the underground basketball scene. She seduces players into the world of game-fixing and cashes in. We think the sexiest part of her love scene with Simon (JC de Vera), a promising young baller, is how she shows off her character’s aggressive and crude personality in their quick exchange before doing the deed. The way she cusses at him makes the scene all the more realistic, and it makes you feel like these are just two ordinary (yet very good-looking) people that are engaging in dirty foreplay.

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Siphayo – Voyeur bathing scene

Rolando (Joem Bascon) follows Alice (Nathalie) to the bathroom, where you can really feel the tension because of the familial dynamics that will be shaken up if Rolando gives in to his urges. Without spoiling much, she actually has a relationship with the guy’s father so needless to say she’s off-limits, but even so, her constant seduction of the two brothers (Luis Alandy as Conrado) really builds up this moment for Rolando’s character in more ways than one. Nathalie’s body language is also spot-on as she makes the revelation to him that she knew he was watching her bathe. She also liked it, judging by her devilish grin as she watched him give in to her temptations. That look could seriously make any man’s knees go weak.

SiphayoKababalaghan sa bukid

The aforementioned couple releases all the sexual tension between them in a raunchy sex scene in the middle of a rice field. Nathalie really sells all her emotions while being fully engaged in the act. What’s important to note here is that there’s more than just sex happening in this scene, there is also a power shift within the family. This scene is where Rolando becomes a “man” and not just some follower of his older brother and his father. Alice just seems like a really convincing home-wrecker at this point.


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Sin Island – Breakfast scene

Tasha (Nathalie Hart) and David (Xian Lim) have a scene where they’re in bed and she brings him breakfast. She asks him if he could wish for anything in the world right now, what would it be, then he gives a lame answer about a camera or something. Tasha then takes control of the situation and shows David why it’s important to look into context because why the fuck would you tell a half-naked girl that your deepest desire was to buy a camera you’ve wanted since you were a kid?!

But we digress.

She then pours pancake syrup on his chest and then licks it off. Nathalie’s character quickly establishes that she could be everything David didn’t know he wanted. It’s a very exciting and fun scene and she nailed it perfectly.

Sin Island – Feet choreography

Nathalie outdid herself in this scene with how perfectly she executed the foreplay. We can’t really fault anything here since everything felt so natural and sensual, from the way Tasha put her foot on David’s chest to slowly stroke his body to the way her hips moved, and how her hands explored his body really felt like they have boundless chemistry, which was exactly the point of the scene—two young adults thrilled over their relationship, which was something new and mysterious.

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