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Patricia Javier - June 2002

Why, hello to you, too!
| Jun 1, 2002
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We hear that you’re going to be launched soon as an international singing star, that’s great news! But it could be the worst as well—does this mean we have to say goodbye to FHM’s desirable suki?
No naman. In fact, I’m not going to be just a singer, I will be a sexy singer! What they (the M2 group and manager Jessica Rodriguez) want me to become is something like a mix of Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue for the Asian region. I will be singing upbeat pop songs and ballads as well, but you will still see some skin!

Are you going to be like the other kittens singing the naughty, double-meaning songs? Do you even like those songs to begin with?
Songs like that are okay. They do make me laugh, especially after a hard day’s work, they take the stress away. But I don’t think it will work with the plan—I’m out to capture the more upscale market, the A-B types, and an international market.  

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Photography: TOM EPPERSON
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