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Phoemela Baranda - FHM Cover Girl February 2014

In whatever guise Phoemela Baranda chooses to reel you in—as model, host, or actress—trust that she’ll do so using all her powers to enchant!
by Ash Mahinay | Feb 19, 2014
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Welcome back to FHM!
Thank you! Wasn’t that just like a year ago? Ha ha!

We have to say that you look great. What is it with supermodels that you seemingly don’t age?
I think I just try to reinvent myself. Right now, I’m here as a model, as a TV presenter, and a personality. And of course, kaunting diet—you have to take care of yourself. Then if I have time, work out! But I think the key is to reinvent yourself and how you reinvent yourself.

Your most visible reinvention is your hosting career of course. Why did you follow that path over acting or, say, singing?
Oh my God, it’s so much easier and more fun, ha ha! The hours of hosting an event are nothing compared to the taping hours of doing a teleserye. [A teleserye] takes, like, the whole day—24 hours! But now I’m actually trying to act—recently I was part of Maria Mercedes and I think I’m actually enjoying acting now. I’ve already done the TV news for like six or seven years, that and my showbiz talk shows.

Did the fact that you were already a veteran model give you a good base to start from?
Yes. Modeling is still my first love and my passion, and it will never go away– modeling and anything in relation to fashion, I love dressing up, I love posing– maybe I can say it’s kind of innate, ha ha! Like, even when I’m just standing still, parang naka-pose pa rin ako. It also really helped me a lot to have a premium in the showbiz world. When I entered hosting, I started with a reality show on Channel 7. Maybe it added to my premium that I was already a household name at that time, but of course it was totally different and I really had to learn how to host and annotate what was happening because it was a reality show. I had to do a lot of weird things and adventurous stuff. I learned a lot from it. It was very good training for me.

Other models have more low-key sidelines such as opening a small restaurant or designing clothing for example, but your endeavors have all kept you in the spotlight– and possibly in front of more eyes than when you were actually modeling. Is being in the public’s view something that you thrive off?
As long as people want me, I would grab that opportunity. But of course, right now, I’m also thinking of doing other things behind the camera. I’m very lucky that I’m still so busy right now–and I’m just maximizing the opportunity. But given the chance? I would love to have my own modeling agency, have my own makeup line–I think I still have time to do that, ha ha!

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Photography Doc Marlon Pecjo Styling Charmaine Palermo Makeup Jigs Mayuga using MAC Cosmetics assisted by Justine Navato Hair Chris Rodil of L'Oreal Professionel
Special thanks to Ms. Veronique del Rosario-Corpus, Mhit Pimentel of VIVA Artist Agency Inc.

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