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Priscilla Almeda - November 2000

<p>Precious Priscilla!</p>
| Nov 1, 2000
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You’re touted as Philippine cinema’s Princess of Desire. What do you think makes you such a desirable babe?

Most of the guys who’ve seen my movies say they find my eyes really appealing. To them, my eyes are arousing to look at especially when I’m doing love scenes. That comment made me wonder, though:“Maganda lang kaya ang mga mata ko sa kanila when I’m doing my love scenes?” (laughs)

Of course not. What, on the other hand, do you find attractive in a man?
He has to be goodlooking, no doubt about it. But more than that, I’d like him to be very understanding and secure about himself.

Would you give up stardom in case such a man asks you to?
I won’t. A man has to accept me for who I am and let me pursue the endeavor that makes me extremely happy. That’s my definition of an understanding and secure guy. It doesn’t even matter to me if he comes from showbiz or not. I just don’t want us to be competing. I think guys who ask their girlfriends or wives to quit working just want total control of a relationship. There are guys kasi who can’t live with having partners who earn more than they do.

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