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Behind-The-Scenes At Rachel Alejandro's March Cover Shoot

Did you ever think the spinster from 'Ang Larawan' could look this hot? We did
by Chise Alcantara | Mar 1, 2018
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We're turning 18 this March, so we wanted to do something special for all the fans that have been with us through all these years. That's right, we're talking about the bachelors who have been here since issue No. 1 and are now full-fledged titos. We know that if anyone could appreciate how astonishingly sexy this month's covergirl, Rachel Alejandro, is, it's you guys who grew up crushing on her.

Rachel has always been sexy. That said, people, especially the young'uns, seem to forget this because of her status as a renowned theater performer. It might be unexpected for the millennial generation—having recently become fans after watching her slay in her role as the spinster Paula in Ang Larawanto see her this smokin' on our cover.

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Most of our staff at the shoot were made up of these "kids," so it was just so surreal seeing Rachel, whom we only knew of as a veteran actress and food guru, turn up the heat with her daring poses. We quickly got used to viewing her in this light because exuding this aura of sensuality and power came naturally for her—something that could only be attainable with decades of experience.

"No one was really wearing the costumes I wore [back in the day]," she says. "Now, you watch ASAP and you'd see the girls wearing, like, thigh-high patent leather boots and all that—I was doing that in the '90s! I did those things because that was what I liked, it was what I thought looked astig at the time. It wasn't an image, it wasn't something that I put on—it was what I felt [at the time], what made me feel good singing and dancing."

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Rachel Alejandro is sexy, but she's so much more than that. She's everyone's childhood crush. She's everyone's role model. She's everyone's favorite entertainer. And she's FHM's 18th anniversary cover girl.

So whether you're a tito or a millennial, there's something for anyone who picks up our milestone issue. Learn how to gracefully accept your tito-ness in our Verge section. Learn the ways of the old-school cool with veteran BMX stuntmen and the admins of Classic Pare® Titos and Titas of Manila. Learn the answer to the age-old question "Is it alright to work from home?" in our Shared Spaces feature.

Happy anniversary to us!


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