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Rufa Mae Quinto - FHM Cover Girl September 2013

Rufa Mae is back. Here she is spreading much needed good vibes!
by Anton D. Umali | Sep 18, 2013
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Welcome back! This is your fourth cover. What has changed since we saw you last?
Maraming pagbabago. It’s 2013 and the past is past. Ha ha! Before, I didn’t know how to model, yung tipong feel na feel. Ngayon, nasanay na ako sa pictorials and sa mga high fashion covers. With each peg and each concept and each edition of FHM, it’s always something new and different. Nagkaka-depth. There’s evolution and revolution! O, di ba? So yun ang maganda–may posing, may bending, and showing of everything I’ve got all the way!

For the longest time, mainstream media has pegged you as the “sexy comedienne.” How does this title sit with you?
Ayoko nga yung ganung titulo eh! Bakit kailangan may sexy attached to it? I just don’t know the answer but I really don’t mind. It’s something that doesn’t really matter for me. Kumbaga hindi ko kailangan ng kahit anong label kasi ganun na talaga ako. Thank you. I appreciate it. I just want to continue improving myself.

You’re obviously naturally hilarious. Where do you think your knack for humor comes from?
I love to laugh! I always look at the positive things in life: yung mga magagandang nangyayari sa buhay ko, and appreciating everything that I have.

How do you channel this into comedy?
Ay, hindi ko na alam! Yung comedy, basta it’s really within me. Pero yung totoong Rufa Mae, seryoso talaga akong tao but in a comedic way, alam mo yun? Seriously comedy, ganun! Ha ha! Winner di ba? Apir tayo!

So does a man need to have a sense of humor to be with you?
Yes, a sense of humor is sexy. Life isn’t all about beauty and sexiness. These things fade. These don’t matter. You should be happy with the person all night long, today, tomorrow, and till you get home. Masarap yung pag kasama mo, lagi kayo masaya. I need someone na henyo rin. Yes! Di ba? Napasok agad ang movie. Henyo, henya, togetherness! He needs to have a good heart. He needs to make an effort. Jowa nga ang ganap di ba? He needs to make time for me and wag pabigat. I’m a busy person.

So how should he deal with your bustling schedule?
He needs to give me time and space, you know? Time-space warp. Of course I should also be attracted to him physically, mentally, and visually. Yung may overall impact! He shouldn’t be insecure that I’m his girlfriend.

What kind of rush do you get from making people laugh?
It’s the happiest. Kaya ko gustong mag-comedy nang mag-comedy para lahat ng tao sa buhay ko tawa lang nang tawa. Happy energy ang dapat nangyayari sa kapaligiran. Ang sarap-sarap tumawa! Pero ngayon I’m trying to be a serious…actress.

Speaking of serious acting, your latest movie Ang Huling Henya recently came out in theaters. Can you tell us more about the movie and the role you played?
I play Miriam Junior, in short Miri. It’s a zombie movie na may puso. May puso because [my character is] the ate, so very Filipino sensibilities ang ganap, very family-centric. May father, mother, brother, sister. I play an international agent so there’s action, horror, and sci-fi. Maganda siya because the role was different in a good way.

Different how?
It’s serious and there was a lot of action and drama. Of course, there’s comedy. It’s still Rufa Mae, but mature. Maganda rito, the character is strong and tough. Kakaiba. I had to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually before doing it. I trained to be strong. I worked out and learned Muay Thai para may power ako. Then I took an acting workshop kasi di ba yung Rufa Mae tipong, “Yeah! Go, go, go!” and bawal yun. Then finally came the gun lessons.

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