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Sheree - November 2002

| Nov 11, 2002
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Photography by ALBERT LABRADOR
Makeup: KIKO ESCOBAR that all there is to it—a single name with an obviously mangled spelling of Cherie, Sherry...?

Well, no. My real name is Cherry Hazel Sweet Fae Bautista Agustin.

Good God, cruel parents! How did they think you could get through kindergarten having to write down that name?

Ha, ha, ha! Of course, I had to shorten it so it would be easy for me to write it down. In fact, it took me until Grade 1 before I could memorize that name.

And who among those four girls—Cherry, Hazel, Sweet, and Fae—were you named after first?

Ha, ha, I guess it would have to be Cherry. My mom says that she actually got my name from Cherie Gil because during that time, I think, she had a movie out called Problem Child. I think my mom liked the movie very much so she named me after her. Pero hindi ako problem child ha! I’m a good girl!

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