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Tanya Garcia - March 2006

| Mar 1, 2006
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How does it feel being our sixth anniversary muse?
It’s flattering and I’m so happy because I liked all of the layouts. Hindi sila bastusin; they’re very tasteful.

What do your family and friends have to say about you posing for us?
Okay lang because they know I’m of age. And they know that now, di na talaga uso yung pa-seksing parang porn star na shots. And they’ve seen the previous FHM cover girls, so they know that the shots are not malaswa.

How are you like at home?
I’m a homebody talaga. I love coming home to my dog. He’s noisy but very malambing. I also invite friends to come over and watch DVDs. I’d rather be in my place or a friend’s place na steady lang kami kaysa gumigimik. Hindi ako magimik na tao.

Hmm…DVDs? Porn?
Yeah, I’ve watched porn. I was with girl friends, tawa lang kami nang tawa. College days pa yun and we were like, “Ewww! Oh my God!” yung mga ganun. We were just curious. I don’t remember the title of the film, basta rated X.

What else do you enjoy doing?

Addict ako sa gym ngayon. I try to go to Gold’s Gym every day because I want to have a firmer body. I really enjoy exercising; I love it. I haven’t considered plastic surgery because I’m really scared. I have low tolerance for pain—injection ng anesthesia pa lang takot na ako, ano pa kaya pag hihiwain na ako?

In your telenovelas, you’ve played opposite a lot of eligible young actors. Which onscreen partner did you enjoy working with the most?
Of course, Dingdong Dantes. And beyond work, we became really good friends. Even now, even if people don’t see us on screen together, we still see each other and hang out basta may time. He’s a good friend of my boyfriend.

Aha! Just when we were about to ask if you had a real-life, off-screen partner!
Ha ha ha! Yes, I have a boyfriend. Actually we broke up before Christmas but we’re trying to fix things now and everything’s looking up.

Do you prefer younger or older men?

My boyfriend’s 31, so I guess I prefer guys older than me. Basta what I don’t like is men who brag. I like humble, down-to-earth guys. He has to be very funny and a very happy person. Kasi I’m very moody so I need someone who’s the life of the party. Kasi kung pareho kaming quiet or moody, walang mangyayari. Medyo introvert kasi ako, eh.

You’re born on August 5, so you’re a Leo. Aren’t Leos supposed to be very social?
I think that’s one characteristic na hindi ko talaga nakuha. I’m a very shy person. If you put me in a place na hindi ko kilala yung mga tao, talagang nahihiya ako.

Even if you’re the celebrity?
Oo, talaga. Hanggang ngayon ganoon ako.

Leos are supposed to be very playful, too.

Well, yeah, ha ha. I consider myself romantic, too. Some people say I’m sweet, although oddly enough some say that I should be sweeter. I do the usual lambings, like calling my boyfriend by his pet name. I call him “Yummy.” And I consider everything about him yummy.

How about you? What’s yummy about you?

I don’t know, you should ask him, ha ha! But if you ask me, I consider my eyes as my best physical asset. Should I say ba that it’s my body? No na, ha ha! Anyway, people say that my eyes are expressive and from them, people can tell if I’m in a good or bad mood. And that’s the challenging thing about it because as an artista sometimes you have to act happy, but then people say na hindi ko talaga matago yung mood ko, lumalabas talaga. Although I really try. So when I’m in love, it shows! Ha ha!

Still on that astrology hullabaloo, we read your horoscope and it says, “Leo qualities are geared around love, for lions are so infertile and their young vulnerable, that mating is their No. 1 occupation.”
Ha ha ha! I cannot answer that question. Next question please, ha ha!

Okay. Where do you like to be kissed?

On the armpits. FHM

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