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Valeen Montenegro - FHM Cover Girl July 2015

You don't know how thrilled we are to present Valeen to you in the way you see her here. If this turns out to be her breakout year—and we predict it will—your top vote for the next 100 Sexiest List will have a fresh new name.
by allan hernandez | Jul 22, 2015
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So first thing we saw you doing this morning [prior to the shoot in Subic] was running. How early did you start?
(Asking her handler) Anong oras tayo nagising? 5:30? Mga 1 a.m., ha ha! [Shoot was Saturday, June 20, call time 6 a.m. We billeted her at the hotel the night before.] Nung nagising ako akala ko game na! Sabi ko, “1 pa lang, at matutulog pa ako ulit,” pero ayun di na ako masyadong nakatulog.

Do you run early every day or only because we were having a shoot?
There isn’t really a fixed time of the day that I run, although it’s best to run early in the morning, because I love eating—that way I get my metabolism started early.

So you’re into the healthy lifestyle, the gym, and the running?
Yes, plus I really wanted to prepare for this shoot.

So what is your level of food consumption? Insane?
As in, parang if you put me in a buffet I can eat for three or four people.

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Are you serious?
Oo, nasasabayan ko yung guys! Wala rin akong pinipili—I eat meat, vegetables, everything. Tingnan mo naman yung tocino [points to a plate on her bed] na kinain ko kanina....

What do you like to indulge in?
Ang pinaka-junk food ko when I eat is pizza and pasta. So more on carbs, not really the real junk, like chips. It’s like when I want to snack, I eat real food.

Pero ang galing mong mag-burn ng pagkain, hindi this is how your body really is? You weren’t fat when you were a teenager and only worked your weight down?
This has been my leanest in a long time. But I was never super payat, I always have some baby fats left here and there, so I still have a lot to lose.


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Valeen Montenegro - FHM Cover Girl July 2015

Photography Xander Angeles of Edge of Light  Styling Badj Genato  Makeup Emman Concepcion  Hair Nancy Soriano

Special thanks to Ms. Olive De Jesus of Veda Productions and BJ Ang of Court Meridian Hotel and Suites; Shot on location at Camayan Beach Resort, Camayan Wharf, Ilanin Forest  Area, Subic Freeport Zone

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