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Vanessa Del Bianco - July 2000

| Jul 19, 2000
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Did you enjoy your first kiss?

Yes, I did. It was with my first boyfriend. I think when I was twelve. He was two years older than me, so my family was strict about him and he was in high school and I was in grade school, so that was a big deal. So to prove that he really loved me, he would go to my house almost everyday after school and we would just sit around the kitchen table talking and stuff, and then I would always walk him to the bus stop. Down the street at the corner, was a red mailbox. I guess this had been going on for, like, six months or something before we actually kissed. He was like my first everything. My mom would always watch by the window, and I’d only be allowed to walk him to that red mailbox. ’Cause that’s only how far she could see from the window from the direction of our house, right? So, I guess one day, she wasn’t home and I walked him to the mailbox and that’s where we kissed!

Naughty girl. Describe the high school scene you experienced in Canada.

It was great. I think my high school days were like the best. Well, not the best, but it’s like a big highlight of my life that I’ll never forget. ’Cause everything was like a first. Like your first boyfriend, first time going clubbing, first car...

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