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These Five Women Make Up The First Batch #FHMOfficeCrush For May

Never a stressful day at work with these girls as your officemates
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 2, 2016
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Every office has its rose among the thorns, the lamb among the wolves, the white sheep among the black sheep, the Wonder Woman among the goons—the#FHMOfficeCrush.

Let's start the month right by featuring these good-looking ladies sent in by our readers for the past few weeks. We envy their male workmates big time.

Mika, relationship manager at Lacson and Lacson Insurance Brokers, Inc.

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SENDER SAYS: "She travels frequently to see beauty in every corner of the world and immerse in the local cultures. She works out regularly to keep herself fit. She also promotes living healthy by eating the right food. She is an inspiration for chasing dreams."

Sent in by Mirc on April 30

Charmae, secretary at Reyes Tacandong & Co.

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SENDER SAYS: "She's friendly, smart, energetic, and adores nature. She loves going to the gym to keep her body trim. She also loves doing make-up and has made a sideline business with it."

Sent in by Aldrin on April 29


Pia, tech-support specialist at Concentrix

SENDER SAYS: "This beauty is a beast when playing online games such as DOTA and Monster Hunter. I admire her for being the bread winner of her family and her ability to get along with others really well."

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Sent in by Carlo on April 25

Ana, owner at Gardini Fashion Center

SENDER SAYS: "Sorry to break your hearts, but she's already taken. Her smile is really captivating. I can't help but fall in love with her all over again whenever I look at her."

Sent in by Mark on April 17

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Ira, dealer/inspector at Resorts World Manila

SENDER SAYS: "When she's around, work feels lighter. It may be because of her contagious smile or her warm personality."

Sent in by Pau on April 13

We urge you to share the ones from your own office!

Here's how to do it:

1) Send her photo to our Facebook page. Include her name, your company, her designation, a short description and the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. Or...

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2) Post her photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. (If that seems awkward, ask a friend of hers to post on the office's behalf!)

3) No incriminating photos, please. Choose a well-lit image that highlights "her crush-worthiness."

4) Wait for us to select a new #FHMOfficeCrush batch, which we'll feature on the site!


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