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10 New Dictionary.com Words That Seem Out Of Place

These terms were basically lifted from the Urban Dictionary
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 4, 2017
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Turns out, Dictionary.com is not just like a massive bundle of paper in the middle of an old library whose dusty pages are waiting to be turned.

The online glossary recently added 300 words and definitions to its system, and the expansion covered some interesting topics, from pop culture to current affairs.

While we don't have a problem with the addition of terms like Black Lives Matter and K-pop, a handful of entries, particularly on fleeting trends and millennial slang, were strange enough to make us scratch our heads and rub our eyes.

The reference website's organic and offbeat nature was in full blast when the lexicographers made these 10 words (accompanied by visuals) official.

- Digong won't be happy with this one, that's for sure

 - a dieting person's idea of gastronomic compromise; synonymous with 'everyday' 

- the 2017 version doesn't involve some light pressing, but rather utter annoyance

 - a man's sad excuse for not working out; not everyone is like Leonardo DiCaprio

- one of the many terms that will prepare us for the looming inclusion of 'bes'

HANGRY - the dual typo for 'hungry' and 'angry'; basically, a proofreader's nightmare

 - How and why the bloody hell is this still a thing?

- an expensive negligence, especially if it's a condenser one; mortal sin if Sennheiser

- instant tabloid fodder; an easy way to get exposed, in the case of professional athletes

- still connotes death and the fall of the receiving end, albeit in a fabulous way


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