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10 Undeniably Romantic Spots In Tagaytay Your GF Will Love

Trust us, you’ll score major points with the missus
by Ysa Singson | Feb 13, 2017
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Feel like pulling out all the stops this coming Valentine’s Day? Instead of booking your usual dinner reservations with the bae, why not explore the outskirts of the metro, and take a short road trip to Tagaytay? Prove that you can keep the magic alive by whisking her away to one of these romantic spots:

For your accommodations:

The Boutique Bed & Breakfast

The Boutique Bed & Breakfast is known as the “boutique of emotions.” It is supposedly the only emotion-inspired hotel in the world. The names of the rooms are: I Escape, I Dare, I Desire, I Dream, I Love, I Surrender, and I Lust. If that doesn’t put your girlfriend in the mood, we’re not sure what will.

Narra Hill

ICYDK, though it’s a popular wedding and events venue, Narra Hill is also a boutique hotel! Only four rooms are available for booking. Because it’s perched so high up, Narra Hill feels almost like a giant tree house—the kind you’ve always wanted; btw, when you look outside your room, you’re granted a breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano.

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For your couple leisure activity:

Qiwellness Living

Qiwellness Living doubles as a tea house and a bath house. The bath house offers packages with different types of massage. One of them is called Rose Reverie. It’s a two-hour massage session that starts with a full-body rose and rice scrub. If you think that’s too girly—it’s not—they also have deep tissue massage sessions, don’t worry. We suggest going for something you can’t experience in Manila, otherwise what’s the point, right? 1If you’re not into massages, or would just prefer to do something else, the place has hot and cold pools, as well as private rooms with saunas.

Sky Ranch

Feel like channeling your inner child this coming Valentine’s day? When it comes to a full day of fun, Sky Ranch never fails. Ride the country’s tallest ferris wheel (The Sky Eye) or opt for more thrilling rides like the Super Viking or the Flying Bus. Plus, if bae’s scared, guess who she’ll have to hang on to? 


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For food (with a view):

Bag of Beans

Last year, you couldn’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing at least one photo taken at Bag of Beans. Why? Right now, it’s the trendiest place in Tagaytay! And while not all trends should be taken seriously, we can’t say the same for this crowd favorite.

Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant

Though finding this place might be a little difficult, the drive is definitely worth it. The whole place has a homey, relaxed vibe. The food is nothing short of amazing. If you like your food to be intense in flavor, however, you might be disappointed because this restaurant keeps its dishes simple and fresh—and that’s a good thing!

Dreamland Arts & Café

This is where you go if you’re looking for something magical for Valentine’s day. Not only does it promote recycling, it also doesn’t have WIFI—calm down, you’ll survive—so you get to focus on your date. And while a social media detox might not be in your itinerary, we’re sure your lady love will appreciate your undivided attention.

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The Purple Owl

The Purple Owl is, arguably, the most romantic date destination in Tagaytay right now. It’s the equivalent of literally sweeping her off her feet. It’s sort of an event venue and restaurant all in one, and they have different themes for every occasion! You can give your special girl a unique date experience at The Purple Owl.


Valentine’s wouldn't be complete without a little chocolate—okay, a lot of chocolate. It’s located in the same building as The Boutique Bed & Breakfast, so you can knock two birds with one stone. Every single dish has some form of chocolate in it. And while that sounds intimidating—maybe even gross—it’s not! They've found a way to make it work. As for the food, we’re huge suckers for the Tablea Champorado. You won’t regret it.

The Dining Room at Gourmet Farms

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If you want (or need) to rejuvenate both your mind and body, you and your date can head over to Gourmet Farms. As the name suggests, it’s a farm that serves fresh and organic produce. Inside, The Dining Room is where you can taste and enjoy the food they grow served as Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Unlike most celebratory meals, their food won’t leave you feeling guilty.


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