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Vans Classic Pro Skate Shoes, 'Pokémon GO' Update, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Plus: A first look at Emma Watson in 'Beauty and the Beast,' porn stars learning MMA, and a new foreplay study
by Mars Salazar | Nov 5, 2016
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Got a few minutes to spare? Catch up on your man knowledge before the weekend ends! See how the world’s top poker player got the title, add some new kicks to your Christmas wish list, and check out some trailers you absolutely shouldn’t miss in this week’s edition of 15 Things. Read on!

You think you’ve got your poker face down pat? We bet it’s still not as good as that of Qui Nguyen, who just won $8 million during the World Series of Poker Main Event on November 2. We’re speechless.

Here’s why foreplay is important: a new study has revealed that women can get orgasms by properly stimulating her not just down there, but also in other places like her neck, ears, and toes. Let’s not be selfish lovers, gentlemen!

Yes, we know quitting smoking is easier said than done, but in case you’re not yet fully convinced, scientists have found that smokers’ lung cells can develop a whopping 150 new genetic mutations every year—something you should be really wary about, since genetic mutations can lead to cancer. Yikes.

When it comes to boobs, there’s usually no such thing as too big…except when it comes to amusement park rides. 22-year-old Tanya Willis, the proud owner of a pair of 36Ls (WHAT?!), got kicked off a roller coaster after the ride’s safety bar wasn’t able to lock due to her curves. That’s a big dilemma!

Don’t like spiders? Well that sucks, because a gigantic huntsman spider has just been photographed in Australia. Sweet dreams, Ronald Weasley.

What do you get when you cross a couple of porn stars with a pro MMA fighter? Lots of hilarity, that’s what. Judging by his face, we think the guy got way more than what he bargained for!

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An NYC gambler thought she hit it big after a slot machine said she won a $43 million jackpot, only to have her hopes rudely crushed when the casino execs said her win was a technical glitch. Ang sakit, bes.

As if you need more proof that smartphones are taking over the world, a new report has revealed that mobile internet usage has surpassed internet access from desktops for the first time. In fact, Facebook has been seeing over 1 billion active mobile users daily—assuming they’re all real, non-trolls, that’s one out of every seven people in the world. Congrats, Mark Zuckerberg!

The first trailer of upcoming Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events is out, and it’s just the right amount of chilling. We hope it will live up to the books!

If you’ve fallen off the Pokémon GO bandwagon, maybe it’s time to climb back again: the game will soon be coming out with daily bonuses so players will keep on trying to catch ‘em all. Now, if only they’ll tell us how to catch the legendary birds...

Need some motivation? Being prompted about your imminent death (let’s face it, we’re all gonna die one day) apparently makes basketball players perform so much better. You think it’ll work in the office, too?



Vans has come out with a revamped line of their classic pro skate shoes, and they all look so good. Functional porma, just the way we like it.

Here’s a Jacuzzi you don’t want to be in: scientists have discovered an underwater lake in the Gulf of Mexico with toxic, super-salty levels of methane and hydrogen sulfide, killing most animals (and people) instantly. We’re fine on dry land, thanks!

“Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?” a song asks. Well, looks like we’re finding answers now: researchers claim the legendary female pilot died a castaway on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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Entertainment Weekly
got some exclusive photosof the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, and it’s one we’d let our girlfriends drag us to because…Emma Watson. Yep, definitely watching this one!


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