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Hyde From That 70s Show Stars In Men At Work

Looking for a new sitcom to watch?
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 3, 2012
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Danny Masterson is back on TV. He stars in a new sitcom called Men At Work, in which he plays the part of  Milo. Milo is this dude who...wait, you forgot who Danny Masterson was? Okay, we admit, Google had to jog our memory a bit. Masterson really hasn't been that visible since That 70s Show ended, where he played the role of Steven Hyde, the rebellious dude who's also kind of a bit of an ass sometimes.

Is Milo, Masterson's Men At Work persona, also kind of a douche? Not really. In this sitcom, he is joined by
by three other friends who he works with in a magazine. James Lesure (Las Vegas) is Gibbs, the smooth playboy of a photographer; Michael Cassidy (The O.C.) is pretty boy Tyler, the stylish celebrity features writer; and Adam Busch (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) is the awkward and also slightly dorky Neal who once talked to Milo about the rules of dirty talk. This is Milo's circle of 30-something friends, and it is with their help that he tries to move on from his cheater of an ex-GF, and get back in the game. In the process, as in any sitcom, sex jokes and hilarious things happen.

You can catch the show as beTV (Sky Cable Channel 35, Dream Satellite Channel 36 and Cignal Digital TV Channel 37) airs its first episode on September 3, 2012, 8:30 PM. The new cable channel also shared with us their interview with Masterson, which you might want to read before watching the show tonight. Here, check it out.

What do you like most about your role as Milo?
He’s really good looking, he’s got curly hair and I really like his beard.

Have you ever related to Milo at all?
Yes, I’m 36 now and I just recently got married. But I’ve had several long term relationships (before getting married). I was with one woman for 6 years and before that I was with another for 5 years. Getting back into the dating scene after being with a person for a really long time is unbelievably awkward. And so, I can relate to not being quite sure how dating works anymore. And because Milo was with this one girl for so long, he sort of skipped through how people now text each other to go on dates instead of calling and the like. It is funny watching Milo learn the process of modern dating.

But when it comes to dating, I’m really not like Milo. I’m content with myself and my life. I sort of had it pretty easy when I was single. When I thought somebody was attractive, I’d walk up to them and chat with them and ask them if they would like to go out to dinner. Milo on the other hand does not know what the right move is and does things too soon. So, it’s funny watching him having to tumble around.

Was it difficult or was it a breeze playing Milo?
It was easy for me but, one thing strange about Milo is that sometimes he is extra sensitive. So, it’s kind of strange for my personal ego to deliver certain lines and not be able to follow through when chatting with the girl he dates or saying the most awkward things like stuff about his ex. Those are things that I would never do. So, it’s sometimes hard to wrap my mind around that. I would like to sometimes complain that, hey, I want a new line – this is too wimpy or guys don’t really say this. But I have to remember it’s not me who is talking, it’s Milo.

Of the four characters (Milo and his friends), who do you relate to the most?
I would probably relate to Gibbs, the character played by James Lesure. His character is the closest to me as a person. Gibbs has a good amount of confidence, he knows what he likes. Also, when awkward things happen to him, he knows what to do with himself. Milo is the complete opposite of me, but he’s a lot of fun to play because I have never played a character like this.

But isn’t Gibbs a ladies’ man?
Yes and I’m sort of like that.

You said that you are the complete opposite of Milo. However, Milo is the opposite of Hyde (Danny Masterson’s former role in That 70’s Show), does that make you Hyde?
No. I’m literally perfectly in between Milo from Men at Work and Hyde of That 70’s Show. Hyde is a super asshole, while Milo is like a super awkward person. So, I’m sort of there in the middle.

What’s the worst lady advice that you’ve been given?
I think the advice given to you when you were really young was when you went out on really good dates, you shouldn’t call the person the next day. I think it’s stupid. When two people had good communication that evening, I think they should chat the next day. It doesn’t mean you have to go out with each other every single day or for the next two weeks. The better advice is to call the person the next day and tell them that you had a good time as opposed to not calling them for three days and leaving it a mystery.

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