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An Intimate Chat with Papa Jack

We listen to radio's most recognizable voice, Papa Jack, face-to-face!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 21, 2013
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Modern-day Joe D' Mango, Papa Jack, is someone who made us tune in to a radio station some of us wouldn't be able to bear a minute of. The so-called "Papa ng Laging Saklolo" is full of wit and wisdom, which is why whenever he's on air in his shows "True Love Conversations" and "Wild Confessions," you can't not laugh; oftentimes you even catch yourself going, "Oo nga no? Kaya pala ako single ako hanggang ngayon! Now I know!"

Well at least, that's how it went for us.

Now, we'll experience exactly that, albeit in another form, as Summit Books release Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Papa Jack.

The book is 120 pages of Papa Jack's funniest hirits, musings on love, advice for the lovelorn, barbs at the loveless, 365 quotes on love (a quote a day, keeps the pighati away!) and piercing observations on the manyaks and malandis of this world.

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In other words: Papa Jack at his best.

Here's an example: "Even if you've fallen in love a million times, you can't claim, 'Alam ko na yan!' And that's because 'Ang pag-ibig kapag sineryoso, nakakabobo!'" For just P143 (Get it? 143?) here's a book that makes a lot of sense and drums up a lot of laughter.

                                                  Not coming out soon: Everything I Need To Know About
                                                                Wearing A Suit I Learned From Papa Jack

If you think you're a love veteran, well, if Papa Jack were here, he'd smack you in the head. Oh wait, the man of the moment is actually here! Yes, FHM got to talk with the radio DJ, who tells about us life before he was an on-air love doctor, and how his knowledge on love has allowed him to score an FHM babe for a girlfriend!

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Papa Jack, we praise thee...

FHM: Before radio, you ventured into a lot of things. You’ve been a car salesman, fast food outlet manager, call center agent, university instructor, and acoustic singer—what do they have to do with who you are now?
Papa Jack: I’ve always been a fault-finder. At some point, I have to do that to see what’s good in a person. I think dalawang klase ang pagiging fault finder: one is that you want to pin down someone; and two, because you want to appreciate what’s still good. I have to be both on air.

Do you have more male listeners than female?
Kung sa demographics, halos pantay. But I get callers from 13-year-olds to 80-year-olds. Although very seldom yung mga 13-year-olds. Karamihan talaga 15-year-olds to 75-year-olds.

And you get asked a lot about pogi problems, don’t you? Give us examples…
Ay, bawal po ang pa-pogi sa akin. I think na-orient ko na rin yung listeners ko na pag tinawagan mo ako, wag kang magpa-cute. Tumawag ka sa akin bilang kaibigan. Kung hindi, mag-aaway lang tayo. I don’t sugarcoat anything sa programa ko. Kung most common [question], ang lagi nilang tinatanong ay kung papaano mag-move on.

Those lovelorn men. What do you tell them?
I always say na kanya-kanya tayo riyan. Parang immune system natin yan ehhindi ko puwedeng ipahiram sa iyo yung akin, akin lang ’to eh. Ganun din yung pag-move on, kasi whatever you do, kahit anong gawin mong pagpapayo sa taong umiiyak at hindi maka-move on, pag dumating yung time na mag-isa ka na, lahat ng pinayo sa iyo nakakalimutan mo rin eh. You go back to longing for that person, so it’s up to you kung papaano mo sasabihin sa sarili mo na it’s time for you to let go.

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