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Andrew E -- May 2002

<p>The trailblazing rapper on banning himself, rapping pick-up lines, and his style of lovemaking</p>
| Feb 1, 2000
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Aside from paghahanap ng pangit, what other advice would you give women when it comes to men?
Looks are not an issue anymore. The most important thing is to scrutinize the human being. Pangit man o guwapo ang lalaki, mahirap o mayaman, kaya kang gaguhin niyan. So women should look beyond everything, and see the real person.

Does your being a rapper guarantee a lot of groupies?

Not really. But female fans have done special things for me. I draw the line at physical requests, however.

Do you ever rap apologies to your wife?
‘Di ko pa nasusubukan iyon ha! But I don’t think I can, because when I start rapping, alam na niyang biro, so she won’t take me seriously. I always try to stay out of trouble to please my wife.

Have you tried rapping pick-up lines?
I did it with my wife. It’s irresistible, and the number one example of that fact is my wife. (laughs)

Ever considered pursuing a singing career?
I never thought about that. But I’m happy being a rapper. Being a comedian is just like a pocket in my pants. It’s not the pair of pants itself. I don’t think I’d be credible as anything else. Just look at Filipinos’ reactions to Michael Jordan when he went into baseball.

One of your albums was named wholesome. Was this meant to be sarcastic, or were you actually going wholesome?
I was being sarcastic. This album was meant for the “moral” people, those whom I call “immortalistas”. They present themselves as the moral guidelines of society, when in fact they are the ones who know and understand immorality to the fullest extent. They wanted to ban me when my first album came out. But how can they ban me if they can’t even ban the stuff that you can see on the sidewalks of Quiapo? The day they can get rid of all the smut on the streets is the day that I’ll ban myself.

Lastly, when you make love, would you describe yourself as East Coast or West Coast?
West Coast is dirty lovemaking, because the sun is always up there. So I can be all greasy, and it would be okay. But sa East Coast, like in New York, hindi puwede ‘yon, kasi malamig. So I’d rather say that when it comes to lovemaking, I can be both coasts. I want to be clean when I do it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be dirty if the situation calls for it. {laughs)

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Interview: Andrew Asuncion
Photography: Jo Avila

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