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| Dec 9, 2009
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Where did the idea of MTV Emerge come from?
You know, like, growing up in the Philippines, and being adopted and brought to the States, to the U.S., and being able to pursue my dreams…I wanted to be able to give the same opportunity for these talented, up and coming artists in the Philippines, because they never get to see the light of day. [firstpara] I want to provide that opportunity, so they could showcase their talents, and there are a lot of talented musicians here. That’s my way of giving back and recognizing the Filipino talent.

The preliminary stages of Emerge mustve been hard with so many good musicians joining, what set these 7 finalists apart?
Along with their popularity with the mass, the people out there really helped out a lot in the picking process. We went by how many people or how much followings they have in the media.

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It was a hard process, but this is just a stepping stone, this is just the first one, this won’t be the last. We will have several other showcases. A lot more artists will get the opportunity later on.

From what you’ve heard from Emerge, how would you compare the musical talents we have here in the Philippines with the international ones?

Well, you know, my main focus, right now is the Philippines. And almost every Filipino can play their own instruments, and that’s what I’m proud about. The only thing missing is the opportunity for them to showcase these talents.

You’re a hometown hero, the classic example of a small town kid making it big. From this crop of talent you’ve listened to in Emerge, do you think one of them has what it takes to make it onto the global stage?
Definitely. That’s why we have these showcases, because I want to be able to see the charisma, and how much can they rock the crowd, and the showmanship.

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Those are very important in the music business, because the record industry is pretty different these days. And having a show, and being able to create that following is a strong weapon to have.

Finally, if you were to make a theme song for FHM Philippines, what would its title be?
(Laughs) "Mare" is inspired by the beauty of the Filipina girls, so, I’d dedicate "Mare" to FHM right now, that is until I can come up with a new one.


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