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There’s Such A Thing As Bacon Tocino—And It's At Naxional South American Diner

Bacon for breakfast, bacon for lunch, and bacon for dinner
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 11, 2016
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Imagine taking a slow bite of the meat-falling-off-the-bone goodness of your favorite spare ribs. It's completely drenched in a generous serving of BBQ chipotle sauce (which stains the left side your date’s lips). Change that image to a perfectly grilled chicken thigh fillet, wrapped with thick-cut bacon, drowning in its special sauce. Lastly, picture yourself munching on yummy baked pork belly strips, confused with its tocino-slash-bacon taste. Then top all that off with an ice-cold bottle of craft beer. Aaaaah, this is the life.

Starving? Now, let’s give life to your imagination:

Here's the Chipotle BBQ Ribs

The Bacon-Wrapped Pollo

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And of course, the Bacon Tocino

If you are a fan of delicious meat dishes, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re anywhere near Bonifacio Global City, you’re just minutes away from the latest resto that just hit the country.

Whether it’s date night, anniversary night, payday Friday, or post-inuman food craving, Naxional South American Diner is foodie heaven. Naxional is the newest go-to restaurant for those looking to broaden their culinary horizons. Located at the second floor of the Uptown Parade in BGC, the South American-themed diner should officially be part of your grubfest destination—if you want affordable yet mouth-watering "lemme-impress-my-date" choices, Naxional has it.

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Creating a consistent and flavorful experience for you, Naxional offers Pasabocas (starters), Ensalata (salads), Sopas (soup), Brunch, Entrees for both single patrons and for sharing, Asadas (grilled meat), Sandwiches, and Desserts. Drinks, you ask? No worries as the al fresco bar is ready to introduce South American cocktails to the Philippines.


Now, what to order? For starters, aka Pasabocas, try the Carnitas Flautas.

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This flavorful fried tortilla has pork carnitas, tomatillo salsa, crema, monterey jack, and cilantro. Wrap it good and take a big bite to savor the Mexican tang all at once. Plus, it's good for you and the bae.

Before munching anything else, you might also want to order a hot bowl of their all-time fave soup, the Caldo Verde.

Caldo Verde is not just Instagram-worthy, it tastes as good (even much better actually) than it looks. Chicken, potatoes, spinach, with picnic fries on the side: We can't blame you if you finish it in less than five minutes.

For the entree, aside from the Bacon Tocino, get the Churrasco Especial.

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Good for two to three persons, the Churrasco Especial is a combination of grilled sirloin, chimichurri chicken, morcilla, charred pineapple, black beans, and of course rice. Just look at that meat—slice through that tender, juicy morsel and you'll get to know why it's called "especial."

Here's Naxional's signature dish: the Patacones.

It's a popular Puerto Rican household dish made from carne (beef), cerdo (pork) or camarones (shrimp) perfectly seasoned in sofrito sauce, and served with fried plantains and guacamole.

After devouring all that meat, get some sweets. Their bad ass best-seller dessert is the Tres Leches.

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This milk-soaked sponge cake with mango coulis and passion fruit creme will certainly make your lady say yes to a second, a third, a nth date. Trust us.

If you want more bacon, well, they've got more bacon! Say "Hola!" to the Buenos Dias Pancakes.

Last, we're putting this here again because, dammit, you just have to try their Bacon Tocino.

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The Naxional South American Diner is open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 1am and on Sundays from 8am to 10pm. For the latest updates, follow Naxional on Facebook and @NaxionalDiner on Instagram and Twitter.

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