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<p>Wolfgang’s doing a one-night-only! Read and see how you can score tickets to the show!</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong> </strong></p>
| Nov 20, 2008
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Interview: Lou E. Albano

Seems like there’s so much going on! Are you back in Manila for good?
No, I’m still in the States. I’ll be going home for three weeks to launch this thing, and then I will be returning to the States after the record launch. I foresee a future where a Wolfgang gig is something that will be special, few and far between, but worth every second when you go to one.

You’ve obviously still very active in the local scene. Busy much in the States?
Yes, I work for an American company in San Francisco, California. I’m with their operations department.

But despite that, you’ve managed to stay in touch. How would you say is the industry different now from a decade ago? Have fans remained as young as they were back then or do you find that your fans have also grown up like you?
I’ll let you know after the concert on the 10th! Ha ha ha! Seriously, I can’t really answer—I’ve been away for such a long time. If I could judge from the Alive shows, it’s still like before: young and old and people from all walks of life, just gathering to celebrate music. Lots of singing and laughing and having a great time,

Ever thought of forming a band, completely different and separate from Wolfgang?

Yeah that’s what Brainsalad was. It was the antithesis of Wolfgang. The concept behind Brainsalad was [to have songs performed] around a campfire, with some friends and some beer. Wolfgang songs meanwhile are songs meant to be sung behind burning barricades.

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