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Biggest Loser Asia's Carlo Miguel

<p>The BLA finalist reveals how we went from struggling to jogging</p>
| Apr 15, 2010
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Biggest Loser Asia finalist Carlo Miguel comes from a family of chefs and foodies. Needless to say, Carlo followed suit and has been a professional chef here and abroad for 14 long years. [firstpara]

A lifestyle that revolves around food, however, turns out to be critical for Carlo, who says he used to suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol, and obstructive sleep apnea, all due to him being overweight.

In comes The Biggest Loser Asia, a TV show that helps several overweight contestants fight for their life by shedding the unnecessary pounds to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

After weeks and weeks of training and exercising, Carlo Miguel accomplished the amazing. Not only is he healthier and almost fat-free, the man now also possesses the figure of a fitness trainer.

FHM caught up with Carlo during the launching of Fitness First’s Lose Big Programme last month. Read on and be amazed at how the 32-year old finalist went from 132 kilograms of a man to becoming the face of fitness he now aspires to be.

(To know more about Fitness First's Lose Big Programme, click here.)

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Tell us how you lost all that weight. We heard it took you some time.
Well, about 4 years ago, I was 360 lbs. My wife, who’s my girlfriend at the time, basically encouraged me to try and lose weight so I started.

I went for about 3 years to go to the gym, and I had a personal trainer. I was trying to lose the weight but it wasn’t working out. I lost about 60 to 70 lbs on my own with my nutritionist and with a trainer.

That’s already a huge accomplishment. Why join the show then?
I’ve been doing exercises on my own in a span of 3 years and I couldn’t break through that. I pretty much stayed stagnant for a year and a half.

Then we would go on a trip, I’d eat and gain a lot of weight and lose it back to where I was and that was it. I wasn’t doing any better than that. That is, until I joined The Biggest Loser Asia, which was about 6 months ago.

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