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Chino Trinidad

Take it straight from the Commissioner<br />
| Sep 19, 2007
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Interview by: Jasmine W. Payo
Photography: Alfredo Mendoza

Don't you just wish you were playing ball instead of leading the PBL?
I actually am a frustrated athlete. I tried everything -boxing, swimming, biking, basketball, badminton, tennis, billiards -but I've never been good at anything, just average. But I'm passionate about the games that I try to enter into. When I box, I spar, get a trainer,kumpleto. I wasn't born with the elongated arms and legs of an athlete so I just try to acquire the skills. With regard to being a frustrated cager, I did dream of playing in college pero sa Intrams nga hindi ako makuha. hindi ako magaling mag-dribble, hindi ako magaling mag-shoot. Malakas lang ako sumigaw. But I have learned to accept what I've become. i didn't become a basketball player but I'm working with the people with the makings if being a great one.

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But you were also a varsity swimmer. so you had your share of sporting triumphs, right?
Hindi kulelat ako parati. I competed for two years in UP. Mananalo na lang kami ng medal, na-default pa kami. Hindi kasi dumating yung mga kasama ko. I have no medals I can boast of or no trophies to display for my sons to see. Yung varsity jacket ko, hindi ko na alam kung saan napunta.

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