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Dyords Javier

<p>The firsl local rapper on ADD and boogers</p>
| Jun 11, 2009
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Are you aware that you’re credited to be the first local rapper?
I have heard a handful and I’m grateful for that. Francis M was the first to tell me ‘Ikaw yan e. Ikaw yung original’ and I’d always tell him, ‘wala yun.’ [firstpara]

My personality is I’d try anything once and if I enjoy it, I’ll do it again. And I tried it once and that was a monster hit but at that time, I wasn’t quite comfortable with the residual effects of that to my personal life.

I could not go shopping, I could not eat in a restaurant without being begged to sing. Pictures and autograph, ok yan, because that’s part of the price you pay. But it wasn’t comfortable for me to be horrendously popular.

But if you’re asking me what “Naonse” is, it’s a novelty song for me. But since the genre it happened to touch and ride on at that point in time, was rap, then so it became. Then so be it.

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I don’t argue with the universe. I have a discussion with it. If you have a discussion, then you have a process. Then that’s constructive. If you argue with it, you may have a process but it may not be a universal process. It may just be your process.

Where do you get your ideas?
I don’t know. You know, sabi ni Elton John—and I believe him—he said, “The music that I write doesn’t come from me. It comes through me.”

Tapos kung sasabayan mo ng sinabi ni Lionel Richie na ‘If you’re good, then you’re just good. Be one with everyone else. But if you’re great, they can’t deny you.” So paghinalo mo yung dalwang prinsipyo, saan ka pupunta?

It’s a common level of a dimension that is hardly recognized by many, when in truth, it’s supposed to be the easiest to recognize—yun yung pinaka natural e.

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Dubai, dessert tinatayuan ng ice skiing inside an aircon, spending millions of gallons everyday just to support that. Why? You don’t need an ice skating, ice skiing resort in a dessert. Ginawa ng universe yan, ni God for it to be a dessert. Why turn the water that you found into something that doesn’t belong there? And why have ten of those? See, bali-baliin mo yung perspective in different layers and hierarchy as you progress. We’re talking about what naturally comes. You ask me why I do it. Because I do.

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