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FHM's 28 Days Of Romansahan Day 19: 7 Things We'd Tell Our High School Selves About Love If We Could Go Back In Time

For the 19th day of Romansahan, we turn to a newly-released movie, <em>ABNKKBSNPLAko,</em> for some nostalgic inspiration!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 19, 2014
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It’s our favorite time of the year—that’s aside from Christmas and the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party; okay, it’s our THIRD favorite time of the year! But who’s counting, right? What’s more important is it’s now February. The love month. The okay-lang-magwaldas-para-sa-date month. The only month men are allowed to be ultra-cheesy.

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 But do you have any idea HOW to be cheesy? Are you and your girlfriend/missus constantly bickering about your lack of romance? Do you attribute your singlehood to your lack of wooing skills? Well, we’re going to solve these all for you! FHM will be dishing out daily how-to-be-a-Don-Romantiko tips the whole month of February!

Gentlemen, welcome to FHM’s 28 Days Of Romansahan!

DAY 19: 7 Things We'd Tell Our High School Selves About Love If We Could Go Back In Time

Up to this point, this series of self-help romansahan tips have focused on helping future-you with his future dalliances.

For today's edition, however, we twist it a little bit, and instead try to fix up your angsty former self. The high school you. Why the change of pace? Well, yesterday, we caught the debut screening of FHM cover girl Meg Imperial's ABNKKBSNPLAko The Movie, a movie about a Filipino student's bumpy, sablay-filled road from elementary to college and beyond. Along the way, it comes across a storyline that every one of us, former high school students, are all very familiar with: the high school crush.

In the light-hearted, funny film, the role is played by Andi Eigenmann, with Jericho Rosales as the victim to her wind-blown, slow-mo-worthy beauty.

Showing today, the film has undoubtedly caused nostalgia in us, and has caused us to remember our romansahan ways back in high school. If we'd be given the choice, however, to turn back time and return to it, there are a few bits of advice that we'd like to tell our pimply selves on how to do romansa right. Like...

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1) Yup, keep writin' those love letters...but stay away from ripping off lyrics from love songs.

Hey buddy, in the future, everyone will be on things called Twitter and Facebook where you can send messages to other people digitally. It's very convenient, but let us tell you this: nothing beats an old-school love letter written in your own penmanship. In the future, girls will appreciate handwritten notes even more, so start practicing now, young one.

'Ang ganda sana ng sulat mo...kung nababasa ko lang sana handwriting mo'

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Just one BIG advice: never ever rip off the lyrics of a love song and tell the girl that it's your own words. The future has this thing called Google, and eventually you will be found out!                                                

2) Torpe won't get you anywhere

Yes, we know the pimply face isn't helping you with your confidence, but believe us: everyone's feeling a little unsure at your age. The playing field isn't as unfair as you think it is, so have the guts to approach your crush now.

Learn to do it now, so by the time you reach college (there are more girls, we promise!), you'll be focusing on more important things like pick-up lines and diskarte than still having to deal with the question: lalapit ba ako o hindi?

It also helps to have crazy friends like these to push you forward 

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The sooner you can deal with your torpe phase, the faster you can get to devirginizing yourself, young padawan!

NEXT: The time to be a romantiko is now!

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