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Francis M

<p>Rap in peace</p>
| Mar 6, 2009
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[Ed's note: The following interview was initially for FHM's Quote Unquote section that ran in the April 2001 issue. Francis M passed away on March 6 due to leukemia. He was 44.]

We know you like rapping about relevant things, although not exactly of the hardline stuff. But just the same, where were you at Edsa 2?
We were roaming around. On the first day, during the noise barrage, I felt the urge to go down there, but I live so far, in Antipolo. I was also afraid of what would happen. What if there was a coup d’etat? I had so many mouths to feed. But on the first day I already made calls to people concerned that I was ready to perform at Edsa. I told them I had a killer song.

A killer song. Nothing too violent, I would think.
It’s called “Magna Cum Nakaw.” I felt it was my duty to sing that song. But I did tell my bosses at Eat Bulaga I would sing a peaceful song. Something else happened, though. I was supposed to perform at 3 PM, at about the time the military and the police defected. Somehow, I got bumped off to perform at 9 PM. I stayed around onstage. When 9 PM came, ‘tang ina, wala naman. E ihing-ihi na ‘ko. It took me 30 minutes to get off the stage to go to Galleria to pee. I would have taken a leak at Edsa if I could. At 11 PM, I went back: 1 PM pa raw. I waited, went back, and I found out there were three other performers before me. I asked to leave, but the organizers, apparently sensing I was getting pissed, reconsidered. I sang at 2:30 AM and I woke people up with “Magna Cum Nakaw.” The words created pandemonium, man. When I finished the song, I threw down the mike and walked out. I was pissed, man.

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