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Good Samaritan Saves Poor Poodle Thrown Out Of The Car

The hero of Commonwealth rescues the hero of Tirad Pass
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 18, 2018
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Pets are fun but also a big responsibility, which is why a lot of them sadly end up for adoption after their original owners decide they just can't take care of them anymore. While any form of abandonment is heartbreaking for an animal, the owner of a one-year-old poodle decided to get rid of their pet in a particularly heartless manner:

The crime happens at 0:30

Luckily, Miguel* who saw this all go down right in front of him was a man of action. A lot of us would probably be content with feeling outraged at seeing someone in a fancy car do something so heinous, but it was more than that for him, "wala na akong paki-alam sa kotse, nag-focus lang ako sa dog." He originally posted his experience on Facebook with a caption explaining what happened that day:

"As I was heading home today, a car (GTR or Mustang) tossed this poor dog on the street along Bayani Road. I was shocked because it happened just in front of me. I was in a hurry but I could not leave the poor pup alone. It took me about 30 mins following the dog and trying to befriend it until some group of kids scared it away and it got hit by a passing L300 van. Unfortunate but it was my chance to grab it before worse things happen. The dog is now in a vet clinic's care and will be observed for 24 hrs because the left pelvic bone was fractured. Poor dog. I guess I have to take care of you. I don't even know your name. Some things you don't experience everyday."

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While a lot of us may share his shock, we aren't all brave enough to actually do something about a situation like that. So we reached out to Miguel, who has since taken the dog–now named Goyo–into his care to find out what it was like to save an innocent animal's life.

Rescuing the dog wasn't easy, as you said you had to follow it for thirty minutes?

Goyo's actual x-ray from that day Photo by

Yes, shocked ako talaga kasi tinapon lang! Tinabi ko agad yung kotse–nagpark ako malapit kung saan tinapon yung aso. Nagstay muna siya sa island sa gitna and nag-traffic pa nga ako dun para di masagasaan ang aso. Nakapunta siya sa shoulder tas dun takbo siya ng takbo, ang tagal ko dun mga 30 minutes. May mga estudyante, ginulo siya so tumawid tas ayun nasagasaan ng L300. Nag-effort siya tumabi and yun na yung chance ko na kunin siya. Dinala ko siya sa vet sa BGC.

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What made you decide to keep Goyo?

Actually, di ko din alam e. Kawawa kasi eh and then poodle siya, may breed, kung i-papaadopt ko, dapat sa kakila ko na trusted talaga. Baka mamaya may nag-sasabi na dog lover sila tas ibenta rin, so akin nalang muna–pero parang gusto ko sakin nalang talaga siya.

Do you actually have other pets?

Poor Goyo was pretty shocked at first, "siguro sa second day lang siya nag-wag ng tail" Photo by

Mga cats, kasi mas manageable ang pusa. Karamihan sa cats ko rescue, nahanap lang sa daan kung saan-saan, mga 7 na sila. Yung mga cats kita mo pakalat-kalat, usually kuting, pero first time ko makakita ng tinapon.

Did Goyo have any ID? What made you decide to name him so?

Walang collar, walang ID. Pinangalan ko nalang kasi nakita ko sa poster pero di ko pa napapanood, ha ha!

And how is Goyo doing now?

Goyo today, safe in his new home Photo by
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Sabi ng vet, kaya magrecover pero matagal, 3-6 months. May angulo na nasasaktan siya and hirap siya umakyat sa stairs. Pero medyo trained siya, for example pag linalakad ko sumusunod tas laging nasa left side ko, tas sanay sumakay sa elevator ganun.

Have you received any help regarding his expenses and stuff?

Hopefully, he regains the use of his hind leg!

May mga nag pledge na din sa treatment niya pala. Yung recommended from BGC is from Hong Kong and P50,000 ang surgery sa kanya. Wala pa ako tinatanggap na money. Hanap muna ako local surgeon and I am planning to sell some of my stuff for Goyo's treatment na din. Kung di ko talaga kaya, I'll tap those who pledged.

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