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Howlin' Dave Tribute


The unreleased interview with the man who brought punk rock to Philippine soil

by FHM Staff | May 28, 2008
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Interview: Lou E. Albano
Photo: Jun Pinzon

[Ed's note: The following interview and the accompanying mp3 clip were initially for FHM's Pinoy Rock Eksena feature that ran in the June 2007 issue. Due to space constraints, the Howlin' Dave interview was massively cut. is running the uncut interview as a tribute to Howlin' Dave. He hosted Pinoy Rock N' Rhythm on DZRJ in the ‘70s and recently made a comeback on RJ Underground. He died last Monday, May 26, from Diabetes complications. He was 52.]

You used to host Brave New World?
That's a novel by Adous Huxley,diba? I think my sister-in-law lent me an old, old copy of Brave New World. One summer, I read it. My god, I read it and tinapos ko in one sitting. I thought, parang relevant, growing up in the late ‘70s and ‘80s; there's no future but everything's technologically advanced, But the people turned out bored and backward, nagiging dumb sila. Like what's happening now, it's the computer age and everybody's very hi-tech but their spelling is pan-text. Yung ganung contrast. So nakita ko yung possibility with the bands. Like The Jerks were starting to come up with Romantic Kill. Then came Betrayed, sina Buddy so I started playing that sa airwaves. Then hindi na naming ma-contain, we wanted to know, whose listening, so I approached Tommy [Tanchangco], I was managing their group Third World Chaos, to see if we're effective. Brave New World. Eventually, nag-Brave New World 11, grabe nga! Nagkaron ng certain attitude, ng following. For me, I found it hard to turn on the Pinoy. Lalo na itong lifestyle na to.

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With your new show, do you intend to do another Brave New World?You know it's contrast eh. Nowadays, the music, parang sell out na. Nabaduy na pero rock. It's what makes it good. Pero yung classic rock was the music of the 1970s pero hanggang ngayon, ang daming natuturn on na bata so I don't have to start anything. I'll just have to form, emphasize, focus on a particular music. It's a totally different experience now. Now, when you say ‘classic rock,' meron kang memory of that specific era. I lived it, you know? The beauty of it all, ang dami pa ring natuturn on ngayon, especially yung mga bagets.

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